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Grapevine Gulch Trail #9708
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mini location map2014-12-22
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Grapevine Gulch Trail #9708Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 22 2014
Hiking14.75 Miles 3,471 AEG
Hiking14.75 Miles   8 Hrs   10 Mns   1.95 mph
3,471 ft AEG      35 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
1st trip
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I had planned this trip about a year ago. I wanted to hike from GrapeVine Gulch Trail #9708 to the end of Ash Canyon Trail #539. I wanted to make it to where I turned around on a previous hike. ( Some of this hike would be on trail and some off trail.
I arrived in Dewy around 5:00am. The route I picked to get to the trailhead was closed. I tried 4 other routes before I found one that worked. All the other routes where on 4x4 trails. I would run into roads that where closed or roads that would enter private land. (No trespassing). Coming in from the North was the only option I found. From 89A I took FR151 to FR643. FR643 follows the Power lines. After 6 miles on the Forest Roads I took a Forest Road to the trailhead. I have no idea on the Forest Roads number. In total, it took me 2hours and 20 minutes to get to the trailhead from Dewey. Luckily I had an early start and it was cold, so I didnt mind getting there a little late. After the hike I took FR643 south to try to find a southern route. After a few miles, I came across a sign that read "No access to Dewey or to 169. "
I started the hike around 7:30am. The trail up to tap springs was in in great condition. It is being maintained by someone. 3 miles into the hike I realized that I missed my intended route. I could either backtrack or continue on, and make my way toward the 4H camp. This part of the hike was nice. Walking off trail in the forest with out any obstructions. Thinking back now, Im not sure if the 4H camp was private land or not. I then hiked through the camp toward my intended destination. I made it to the end of the Ash Canyon Trail #539.
My next destination was Bailer Springs. I have no idea why I had this as part of my trip. Since I planed this a year ago, I might have been looking for some extra mileage. The hike up wasnt to difficult but the hike down was hell. Bushwhack and treewhacking all the way down. I was in over my head :). It was rough. I made it to the springs. I continued hiking down a short distance to a fence and a trough. Good place as any to turn around. Hiking back up, I took a route further north. It had a lot less bushwhacking.
I then hit all the high points along the ridge back toward Tap Springs. There was some buschwacking on this leg of the trip. The views where amazing. The decent down to the creek wasnt to bad. Hiking the creek back to Grapefine was a different story. Mile 11 was rough. Im glad I missed this part of the trip coming up. Difficult terrain with loose rocks, catclaws, cactus, with a decent elevation loss. I was glad to make it back to Grapvine Gultch. I then hiked back to the truck.
Overall it turned out to be a great adventure.
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