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Gold Bar Canyon - Jeep Arch - Culvert Canyon, UT
mini location map2015-01-17
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Gold Bar Canyon - Jeep Arch - Culvert Canyon, UT 
Gold Bar Canyon - Jeep Arch - Culvert Canyon, UT
Hiking8.50 Miles 1,950 AEG
Hiking8.50 Miles
1,950 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Day 2 of my Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador trip. Saturday morning, we headed to the Gold Bar Canyon-Jeep Arch-Culvert Canyon loop. It was a wonderful hike that included scrambling through slickrock drainages to Jeep Arch. We then climbed on slanted slabs up to the Gold Bar Rim for superlative views above Moab.

A cairned route looped us back to the car via Culvert Canyon. Trail Ambassador Will Rietveld, ultralight guru and expert in the Moab area, led all the hikes. It was so nice to be able to follow someone and not have to navigate for a change. We had a little daylight left, so some of us went back to Arches and hiked the Windows Trail before going back to Balanced Rock for sunset. Touristy but still very pleasant. I love how anything that is not a rock-lined trail in Arches is called “primitive” and comes with stern warnings.
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