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Alamo Canyon-Buster Ridgeline Loop, AZ
mini location map2015-12-09
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Alamo Canyon-Buster Ridgeline Loop, AZ 
Alamo Canyon-Buster Ridgeline Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 09 2015
Hiking5.35 Miles 1,470 AEG
Hiking5.35 Miles
1,470 ft AEG
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It's the last month before the Bighorn Sheep restrictions go into effect in the Catalinas, so I wanted to do something in the area. I had visited Alamo Canyon three years ago with skyislandhiker aka Santa Rita Bill and really enjoyed it- it was time to return.

I parked at the Romero Ruins and took the trail for a short distance across the wash and then turned right at a cairn on an unnamed trail with surprisingly good tread. This trail took me to a little waterfall at the state park boundary. It had warmed up enough for me to wet my head in the creek before hiking on.

A trail continues past the park boundary that stays above the creek on canyon right. I took the trail until a large boulder jam in the creek, where I descended to take a break. There was a huge racket as a pack of javelinas moved to get downstream away from me. The giant striped granite boulders, golden ash trees and running water made for a perfect spot to settle in for a while.

The gnats descended just as I was going to take a nap and I had to get a move on. I wasn't in the mood to go farther up the creek, but I was intrigued by a cairned path I'd seen in 2012 that seemed to go up toward the Buster Mountain ridgeline. I'd also seen the top of the route on the ridgeline, today was the day to connect the dots.

The steep route out of the creek took me through an expanse of beautiful banded gneiss on the way to the ridge. It was fun following the well-cairned route. Much of it was on gravel, which made me happy to be hiking up rather than down it.

I reached the ridgeline saddle and took another extended break. Some of my water had spilled into my pack so I didn't hit the peak, instead I spent my time taking pictures and even had a little dance party at the saddle.

I wanted to time my descent with the sunset and started down the steep route down the ridgeline. Tall grasses made route finding a little challenging, it was much more overgrown than in previous trips because of all the rain we've gotten this year. Made it off the mountain in the fading light and was excited to see the sunset paint pink and purple stripes above Pusch Ridge.

The sunset was one of those rare ones that changes and develops different characters way after the sun goes down. The entire mountain took on a subtle pink hue and fiery waves of orange, pink and red streaked the sky. It felt like it went on for hours and I kept stopping to take picture after picture. Timed it perfectly to arrive at the parking lot just as the sunset had finally faded. What a great way to end such an enjoyable day on the mountain.
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