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mini location map2015-02-08
14 by photographer avatarfriendofThundergod
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Randolph CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 08 2015
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Hiking7.40 Miles
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So I decided on the Supes for my Sunday hike. I don't remember much of the drive from the night before and Turkey Creek, but I woke up along Hewitt Station road and decided to give La Barge Mountain a shot. Oh course my last second planning meant I would have to wing it, but I had did some work already on route manager, I was pretty confident I could make the summit, my only worry was that I had Cup with me.

First of all, I did expect to see a link for La Barge in HAZ, as I foolishly thought I might be the first to post something from top. However, it appears the summit has been visited by the usual suspects. Secondly, I did not make the top, I think I was .23 miles from summit when I got distracted by one of my nicer finds in the Supes. I only linked La Barge because it is where I found the dwelling and granary site, but that is about the most I will narrow the search area to ;)

I had spotted a pretty solid route on my way in, however, I modified that route to check out an enticing south facing overhang on the way up. As it turns out my detour to over-hang took me off a pretty good route. After finding nothing at my over-hang I continued up with the dogs only to decide that I should retreat back to Randolph. It was pretty warm today and the terrain was not the easiest on the dogs. I am sure I could have pushed Cup to the top and I certainly had no problem going another quarter of a mile, however, that would have border line broke Cup off and we still had a mile plus steep scramble down the side of La Barge once we reached the top.

Sometimes in life it seems when you make a good choice your are instantly rewarded. That happened today, I literally had just turned around and was dwelling a little on not making the top, when I noticed above my "dud" overhang area some stacked rock. In fact, a wall and small doorway. It was Situated completely out of sight from where I had climbed up, it was a small dwelling or granary. A modest find, but I was very happy with it. In fact, I appreciated it far more then the Turkey Creek site I had visited the previous day. Its like somewhere in the cosmos I got rewarded for not pushing Cup up that final steep approach to that mountain. Had we went to top, I never turn around. Its funny just when I start to think I am running out of places to explore and things to find in the Supes, I get re-motivated with a nice little discovery, like, today's.

Pretty standard hike back to TH. I shot a pretty direct route down to Randolph, as the dogs were thirsty, we then hiked the canyon bottom back to trail. I saw Wally's jeep at the TH. I cant count the number of times in last year, both our vehicles have landed at the same TH on the same day, yet, not by design.
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