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Pinetop AZ and Area - April 2015, AZ
mini location map2015-04-05
60 by photographer avatarRandal_Schulhauser
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Pinetop AZ and Area - April 2015, AZ 
Pinetop AZ and Area - April 2015, AZ
Backpack avatar Apr 05 2015
Backpack29.32 Miles 2,120 AEG
Backpack29.32 Miles4 Days         
2,120 ft AEG
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1st trip
Pinetop AZ and Area - April 2015

197 miles, 3hrs 45min per Google Maps

Bob Mohle's country getaway cottage on the outskirts of Pinetop AZ was offered up as an excuse to burn off some forfeitable vacation time. With some backdrop interest in the local history surrounding lumbering/lumberingu railroads, we headed out to the White Mountains with seven basic clues;
Clue #1, Apache Railway :next: azmemory.azlibrary. ... d/34
Clue #2, Apache Railway :next: ... lway
Clue #3, Apache Railway 2004 :next: ... html
Clue #4, Southwest Lumbering Industries logging train, circa 1910 at Standard AZ in the White Mountains :next: azmemory.azlibrary. ... c/14
Clue #5, White Mountain Scenic Railroad (7 page brochure) :next: archive.library.nau ... 1967
Clue #6, White Mountain Scenic Railroad locomotives :next: ... .htm
Clue #7, Maverick AZ ghost town :next: ... ashx

Day 1 - Sunday April 5th, 2015
FitBit totals = 7.64 miles, 770 AEG (77 floors)

On the road by 3pm after Easter brunch with the family. Arrived at Bob's Pinetop cottage about 7-ish and enjoyed some crisp country air with temperatures expected to drop into the hi 30's later that evening...

Day 2 - Monday April 6th, 2015
FitBit totals = 6.97 miles, 410 AEG (41 floors)

Up at dawn with a loose plan to visit Kinishba Ruins, Fort Apache Historic Park :next: ... .htm , Pacheta Lake, Pacheta Falls, and scout out remnants of the logging railway that ran between McNary and the ghost town of Maverick. Flat tire on our way out from Pacheta Falls to Maverick put an end to the exploration (made it back to Pinetop to see NCAA final game tipoff).
Apache Railway that ran from Holbrook to McNary to Maverick :next: azmemory.azlibrary. ... d/34 NOTE: ran as a tourist train during 1960's and 1970's until fire in 1980 (1976 in some references) at the McNary Lumber Mill combined with changes in tribal lumbering policy led to its closure. Ran under brand of White Mountain Scenic Railway.
Maverick ghost town :next: ... html
McNary lumber history :next: https://fhsarchives ... lls/
Finish the day with some "Hollywood History" by watching Walter Hill's "GERONIMO - An American Legend" with Wes Studi, Jason Patric, Gene Hackman, Matt Damon, and Robert Duvall :next: ... 004/.
Our visit to Fort Apache and seeing General Crook's cabin made me think that movie would be a great bookend to our day...
Later that night, I find the best historic reference for the Apache Railway, an article from the January 1963 Arizona Highways entitled "First Caboose to Maverick" :next: islandpondrailroad. ... .htm

Day 3 - Tuesday April 7th, 2015
FitBit totals = 9.60 miles, 790 AEG (79 floors)

Up at dawn and after a hearty breakfast, headed over to Greens Peak - Four Knolls area to take in the stellar panoramic views (despite hurricane-like winds). Explored Sunrise Ski Resort area to see if tram to top of mountain was open (everything closed to public). Off to explore the headwaters of the Little Colorado and the Mount Baldy Loop. When we parked at the West Baldy Trail #95 TH, I heard a distinct hissing sound - Another flat tire!
Fortunately I was able to limp back to Pinetop where Rex @ Future Tire ( ) took care of us. Today's flat was caused by a roofing nail and a simple plug-n-patch repair to the Goodyear Wrangler P275/65R18. Monday's flat was a rock puncture and not repairable. Disappointed with Ford's off-road package tires (these weren't my first off-road flat tires), I let Rex sell me a Cooper Tire Trailcutter AT2 that we mounted as my spare for now as I contemplate what to replace my other 4 tires with (anyone have experience with Cooper Tire Trailcutter AT2's???). A special "shoutout to Louis Weaver (Bob's handyman in Pinetop) who met us as we limped into town just in case we needed a ride
Lugs are 21mm, stock tire wrench lugs 7/8", yet have specialty 21mm wrench in truck
(Shouldn't the 7/8" lugs on truck all be 21mm to fit wrench?)
Back on the road after lunch at Red Devil Pizza :next: (Randy and CJ took care of us during lunch) and headed over to Porter Mountain and
Ice Cave Trail #608 :next: [ description ]

Day 4 - Wednesday April 8th, 2015
FitBit totals = 5.11 miles, 150 AEG (15 floors)

On the road home with a stop at the Salt River Canyon...

29.32 miles, 2120 AEG
85 images on iPhone 5S
87 images on Canon 6D
9 images on Canon 7D
12 images on Canon Rebel XT

1. Kinishba Ruins :next: [ description ]
2. Fort Apache Historic Park :next: [ description ]
3. Pacheta Lake :next: [ description ]
4. Pacheta Falls :next: [ description ]
5. Maverick Ghost Town :next: [ description ]
6. Railroad Grade Trail :next: [ description ]
7. Greens Peak :next: [ description ]
8. Four Knolls :next: [ description ]
9. Candy Mountain Trail :next: [ description ]
10. Sunrise Park :next: [ description ]
11. West Baldy Trail #95 :next: [ description ]
12. Ice Cave Trail #608 :next: [ description ]
13. Salt River Canyon - AZ60 Crossing :next: [ description ]
14. Upper Salt River :next: [ description ]

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