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Antelope Canyon via Lake Powell
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Antelope Canyon via Lake PowellNortheast, AZ
Northeast, AZ
Kayak avatar Apr 04 2015
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Kayak7.00 Miles
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Year #2 - achievement unlocked.

She knew there was to be a anniversary trip. She knew to bring car camping and backpacking gear and what the temperatures would be. That's all she needed so the rest stayed secret. I figured since we'd be up that way, we'd check out Wire Pass and Buckskin gulch on the first day. She enjoyed it thoroughly and thought that was the trip.

After hiking the canyons we drove back an hour to Chumley's camp west of Glen Canyon Dam. We had plenty of time to rest, hike around and read before the sun went down.
The next day, we drove into town, got some coffee and then landed over at Kayak Lake Powell to pick up our reservations. It was only then that she knew some of what the real plan would be. She liked the idea a lot since we did the no tour kayak thing on the honeymoon: [ photo ]

Soon we were at the marina and moving through the still calm water. We paddled over to Chumley camp 2 which was easily recognizable across from the mouth of Antelope, even though the water was significantly lower. We unpacked our camp gear and then got back in to head into the canyon.

The water was like glass in there and I told her where we were. It was beautiful on the water in there.

Land came quicker than I thought and there were 5 other kayaks beached. It was awesome to find no mud, bugs, or logs to fight through. Just an easy step out and pull up to start 'venturing with our feet.

What a great place to meander! I brought tubes just in case we ran into the cold standing water I'd heard about but we never hit it. We made past the confluence, stayed on Ant proper and went 20 minutes beyond the metal pipe jammed in the canyon bottom and across the trail. It opened up a lot after this and we finally decided we could enjoy the better tighter part again for longer if we headed back. We took plenty of time and the people belonging to the kayaks we passed on the way in were long gone.

Those WS Tsunami 145's that I "splurged" for were so stable and roomy, I decided to stock up on driftwood near the beach and filled 3 hulls with firewood for the night back on the island. We ended up with plenty and then some.

The way out was fine at first but then a few fast boats came in and the waves got big. We even had an eastbound and down couple come through on a jetski- they both adorned I-just-had-my-eyes-dilated sunglasses and she was attempting to not fall off, wrapping her pink character-clad pajama bottoms tightly behind him since her arms couldn't quite reach around full bear hug.

Anyway, we made it through and even wound up on a pumpkin ton of tourists ipad photos as a doubledecker tour boat passed by on the way out. "How's your arms?" one shouted. "Good. How're your ankles?" - well I didn't say that loud enough to be heard over the waves, so don't worry about them too much.

Island life was nice (another Belize parallel). Camp was quiet. The lake traffic was unbelievably sparse for our stay- except when the saddest man in the whole world passed by leaving echoes of Katy Perry and loneliness in his wake. I mean, stuff some clothes together to look like a rudimentary mannequin or something in your boat if you're going to be out on the lake at 7:30 on Easter morning blasting KP. To sink that low, that guy's firework must have fizzled long ago.

We packed up leisurely Monday, made an airplane happy for few passes, and got back on the water before it got too choppy again. We took our time on the way home and stopped a couple places including the bend. As a kid, when we would throw rocks, my mother was always shout, "If everyone that visited the grand canyon threw a rock, it'd be full by now." It didn't matter where we were throwing them, it was just a go-to for her. As ingrained as it still is, I couldn't help but wondering if every visiting Asian tourist fell into the Grand Canyon, would it have overfilled by now. Is that why there were so many at the bend? Is it backed up this far already?

Thanks again to those that went before (Rob and Chums for the added intel and apparently the gift left where I put my tent)
I enjoyed my new 10-18mm on this trip but somebody wouldn't stay out of my pictures...
May he guide you through the wilderness : protect you through the storm;
May he bring you home rejoicing : at the wonders he has shown you;
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