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Antelope Canyon via Lake Powell
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mini location map2014-10-04
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Antelope Canyon via Lake PowellNortheast, AZ
Northeast, AZ
Kayak avatar Oct 04 2014
Kayak11.75 Miles
Kayak11.75 Miles   5 Hrs   45 Mns   2.04 mph
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My stoke factor was really high for this trip and it did not disappoint me or my comrades. Thanks to Lizzard for finding this trip and Chumley who found cool spots to camp. My contribution was all the sweet- syrupy pumpkin porters I brought to share.

After work on friday, we all loaded into Chumleys truck and I settled happily in the back so I could relax and pass out on the drive. We stopped off at the Subway in Flagstaff which is apparently THEE PLACE for HAZ people headed out of town - ( or basically just us and 9L who happened to be passing through as well :) ) Anyhoo, Chumeley had found us a little camping area not too far from the marina, so we arrived there sometime after midnight I think and after we set up tents we had a few beers. Lizzard was the porter of pumpkin porters, so that was really nice.

The next day we were at port of embarkment and I did my best to pack all of my stuff into my kayak so I could do this whole “yak-packing” thingy that sounded really neat. So we all yak’d over to the little cove that would be our weekend home about two miles from the parking lot.

After we set up camp and such we finally grabbed a few yak beers and crossed the narrow lake to the entrance of Antelope Canyon. The “shore” at the entrance of the canyon was filled with a ton of debris and mud to step through before the solid ground. The canyon itself is amazing. We were the only people in the canyon except some friendly Europeans. They pointed out an Owl perched high above on the canyon walls. I would never have seen it on my own in a million years. We hiked a bit and passed though some narrows. Shortly afterwards we were unable to proceed because our path became flooded with dark, cold waters. It was probably the right time to go back.

We got back to camp and made food just as it go dark. Despite being so close to the road, this area felt super isolated and wilderness-y (except for the weird and distant green lights from sort of industrial building that resembled the Emerald City in the wizard of Oz ) We tried to edit them out of any pictures.

The next morning I felt like I was waking up on some tiny island near Malta, somewhere in the Mediterranean. We had a chill morning, finished up what beers we had left, and made our way back in no hurry.
It was too beautiful and I felt no urgency to escape this place.
Great Horned Owl
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