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mini location map2015-10-24
12 by photographer avatarJuanJaimeiii
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Cactus to CloudsBig Bear - Jacinto, CA
Big Bear - Jacinto, CA
Hiking avatar Oct 24 2015
Hiking19.74 Miles 10,950 AEG
Hiking19.74 Miles   9 Hrs   30 Mns   2.35 mph
10,950 ft AEG   1 Hour   5 Mns Break
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We have been planning a trip to Death Valley to hike Shorty's Well to Telescope Peak for quite some time now. Actually last weekend we were going to go and hike it however the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms. Given the complexity of this hike we opted to push it out a week.

We were all set to go this weekend with the forecast looking just perfect. Scott, Joe and myself would hike Shorty's to Telescope and Chumly would be our shuttle driver. He would circle around in and go to Mahogany Flats in the morning and then hike up to Telescope and meet us. The plan was perfect. So we thought....

2PM Friday I pick up Chumley and Scott in Tempe and we head off to pick up Joe. We drive for hours, passing the Hoover Dam, Vegas, then dinner in Pahrump, Nevada. From there we would head towards Furnace Creek in Death Valley. Upon arriving we went to make our turn down the 18 mile dirt road to the point where we planned to start our hike at 4am. One problem! The road was closed! What the heck? How could this possibly be?

We went to Furnace Creek Inn and inquired as to what was going on? Several roads in the National Park had been washed out in multiple places from the rain and flooding. Getting to our starting point would not be possible.

We contemplated many ideas including Mount Charleston in Nevada, a trip to Telescope Peak from Mahogany Flats, a possible trip from top down and back up, and then a wild card of Cactus to Clouds in Palm Springs. None of the solutions were enough to over come our disappointment. Scott was leaning towards Charleston, Joe towards C2C, Me towards getting a room and sleeping on it and Chumley was neutral. After much discussion we decided to flip a coin on it. I flipped, Chumley called and Cactus to Clouds it was. 4.5 more hours of driving thru the night and we were at Palm Springs.

4:30am we arrived at the Palm Springs Museum. We could see headlamps heading up the side of the massive mountain. We put our gear on and off we went. Four strong with little to no sleep we started pushing our way up. Eventually we would all reach the Ranger Station without issue.

Along the way I passed EIGHTY TWO others hiking from the Museum to the Tram Level. This is by far the most people I have ever encountered doing this trail. We got our permit and took a quick break. Then it was off to the summit. Again all of us made it without issue.

We returned to the tram and headed down where we would take a taxi back to the Jeep. This trip turned out to be pretty awesome! Naturally we were all disappointed in not being able to do Telescope Peak. However we took that Lemon and made some Lemonade!

My hats off to Chumley for doing this one from bottom to top without much preparation. After all he was supposed to be our driver and only do a 14 mile hike with 3500 feet of AEG. The other three of us got a similar hike to what we had planned for minus 1000 feet.

In the end it turned out great! We will be back another day to take care of the Shorty's Well to Telescope Hike.
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