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Copper Creek, AZ
mini location map2015-10-25
49 by photographer avatarGrottoGirl
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Copper Creek, AZ 
Copper Creek, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 25 2015
Hiking8.63 Miles 583 AEG
Hiking8.63 Miles   5 Hrs   18 Mns   2.16 mph
583 ft AEG   1 Hour   18 Mns Break
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A few weeks ago a friend and I were talking about checking out something within a couple hours of Tucson. So I did some google searches and accidentally found some information on a geologic map regarding a slot canyon! I got excited and googled some more. I found very little about it online so I got really excited and we planned a trip!

The other destinations for the trip turned out as a bust but we hit the jackpot on our slot canyon adventure. We set up a long shuttle and then started down canyon. First off we descended a series of short waterfalls in a narrow section. While we had technical gear along just in case we never brought out more then webbing and our helmets. We loved this section because it was technical without being technical.

After that fun, the canyon opened up and we had easy walking along the wash. We joked around that we had probably done the best part of the canyon. The jokes went even so far as to two of us were betting whether what we had done so far was the slot or if there was more to come. I won.

As we continued the conglomerate rock started to erode into a slot canyon that varied from 5-6 feet wide in spots. The walls were high enough that one probably couldn't climb out with technical gear. The canyon continued this way for a long time. In the middle we found a chockstone that the one blog I read had mentioned was impassable. We had brought our technical gear just in case we needed to be creative to get over it.. I had found one other reference to the canyon by RedRoxx44 where she had mentioned being able to get through. I figured that a lot could change in a year so better safe then sorry. We were able to climb under the chockstone using the amazing amounts of flood debris that had stacked up over the years.

After the chockstone things got interesting. The walls started to be a hanging gardens of ferns and monkey flowers. It was amazing! The small stream in the bottom of the canyon enhanced the experience.

After the gardens the slot continued. We all couldn't believe there was a slot canyon of this length so close to home! Finally, our adventure came to an end, we were at our spot in which we needed to bushwhack out of the canyon to our stashed truck. The section I choose to go through was absolutely horrible! I was practically crawling and pushing through all different types of desert veg. But I prevailed and soon was at the top.

Half of the party went to complete the car shuttle, and the rest of us hiked the faint road out to the main road (about 2.5 miles). The cholla forest was amazing!

Afterwards, I collected my winnings by getting dinner at an excellent hole in the wall Mexican place nearby.
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