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Wrightson via Temporal to Walker Basin, AZ
mini location map2015-09-12
26 by photographer avatarGrottoGirl
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Wrightson via Temporal to Walker Basin, AZ 
Wrightson via Temporal to Walker Basin, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 12 2015
Hiking17.45 Miles 5,060 AEG
Hiking17.45 Miles   9 Hrs   30 Mns   1.84 mph
5,060 ft AEG
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1st trip
I wanted to do a long day hike that I hadn't done before, so I got out my maps and books and finally settled on checking out the Santa Rita's from the backside. I decided to post an event on HAZ since I don't do that too often. And I'm glad I did as we got to meet three of our 'friends' we've seen lurking on HAZ!

The day started out pretty benign. We met up flawlessly and caravanned down to Patagonia. That's when things got interesting on the way to the trailhead we saw Chumley pause for a minute before driving over a 'log'. Soon we saw that it wasn't a log. He proceeded to drive around as much of a dead cow as he could. Then we had to follow. Ugh! Even after all the creek crossings there was still some smell left behind.

The beginning of the trail was more of a suggestion then a trail. With all the greenery we managed to keep losing it. Clues like backpacks and jackets left behind helped us navigate and sometimes helped us get off trail. However, it wasn't a problem as 5 of the 7 had either Route Scout or Garmins; not that they were needed since the trail followed Temporal Gulch.

The flowing Temporal Gulch was a beautiful site. I didn't take pictures as the patchy shade wouldn't have done it justice. As we rose in elevation we got views of our objective, Mt Wrightson, as it majestically towered above us. I enjoyed seeing it from a new direction!

We found that McBeth's spring was flowing. Everyone had a good laugh contemplating the name of the spring. Maybe there had been a scholarly miner who loved to read?

At Josephine's saddle we joined the steady flow of hikers to the top. We all went at our own pace for this section of the trail. When I got to Baldy saddle I was greeted by the awesome patches of showy golden eyes. Not the best flower display in the range (Armour Spring to Pine Saddle gets that title, in my opinion) but very nice.

At the top we found Randy. I hadn't seen him in years and it was nice to say hi.

On the way down, we topped up water at Baldy Spring. I was pleased to see the ponderosa pines on the Gardner Canyon trail were almost all taller than me! Soon this will be a nice shady trek. I was excited to get to the junction that leads to Walker Basin. New trail again! The first part was still a burn area however we did get to some areas of nice trees. The drainages were flowing with water from the monsoons.

We found Walker Tank ( a silted in dam), however, above it we located some pool, definitely worth the diversion!

The hardest part of the day was walking the road. Luckily, the views of the Patagonia mountains and all around were awesome.

On the way out, Mark decided to test out his 4x4 capabilities. The smell was HORRID! That will be something we talk about for a long time...

Pizza and drinks at the Velvet Elvis was wonderful!

It was awesome hiking with the PHX HAZ crew! We will have to do it again someday.
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McBeth Spring
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