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Copper Mountain Points, AZ
mini location map2014-10-05
50 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Copper Mountain Points, AZ 
Copper Mountain Points, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 05 2014
Hiking5.20 Miles 991 AEG
Hiking5.20 Miles   3 Hrs   52 Mns   1.47 mph
991 ft AEG      20 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Like yesterday, we hoped to do two separate hikes again today. For our longer hike we had planned to hike right from our campsite out to Copper Mountain Points along Forest Road 639. But not knowing just how far the road went (it's no longer on the FS Topo map) we decided to drive out just a mile, then hike from there. That would give us more time to spend for more wandering if we so desired.

While the first 1/2 mile of FR 639 was suitable for a stock 4x4, it went from ok to awful within a hundred yards... not really that big a challenge for an ATV, but way too narrow for an SUV. Of course, with my Cherokee being well used to driving through brush it took it in stride, albeit with a good 25% more deep scratches. Yep, there's a few almost completely through the paint, but that's what I got the Jeep for so it's just earning it's stripes the hard way.

Although the road opened up a bit, we stuck to our plan of driving only a mile and set off on foot from there. Most of the road was rocky but it was better than the other option, bush-whacking all the way.

The last eventually FR 639 faded into nothing but by that time the area was much more open with only a few thickets here and there. Just enough for deer to hide in... we scared one up but it was gone through the trees so fast all I saw was it's back end. Sure looked like a white tailed deer but the coat on the side was almost black?? Weird. Maybe the 'black deer' in the family?

Now we began a wide arc along Copper Points hopefully to locate all the best viewpoints along the way. There were awesome sights to be sure and it would have been even better with a better camera, but we took plenty of time to record the snapshots in our minds.

Finishing up our arc we passed by Copper Mountain Points Tank, complete with an overlooking tree stand, barely a hundred feet away. Makes for a nice sporting shot, huh?

Time to head back we took a short-cut back to the road, found a spot with shade, a nice breeze and smooth rock to sit/lay on and had our usual PB&J lunch. From there it was as a short jaunt (ok, some climbing was involved) back to the Jeep.

Driving back out on FR 639 the thick sections of Manzanita seemed to be squeezing in even tighter than before, but it was probably due more to now going against-the-grain through the brush than actually being tighter. Whatever, I got out the loppers and cut through a few of the worst sections and made tracks after that.

Unfortunately on the way to our next hike, in my efforts to show Tracey more of the roads I've traveled since I owned the Samurai it took forever to get anywhere. The erosion over the last few years has been so bad it was very slow going. Of course in the worst areas, for Tracey's sake, I drove at a reduced speed (2-5 mph) instead of the usual 5-10 mph.

Anyway, we decided to skip the second hike an head home. Good thing... when we got back to the 188/87 intersection we waited for what seemed forever to catch a break in the traffic... it seems this was a busy weekend up north. We did see tons of hunters on our drives, but thankfully not a single soul on any of our hikes.
Ahhhh, solitude is bliss! :y:
A beautiful area and we will be back for more soon!

Plenty of photos again but I'll post most of them here on HAZ.

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