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mini location map2015-11-03
6 by photographer avatarMountain_Rat
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Buster MountainTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 03 2015
Hiking4.81 Miles 1,890 AEG
Hiking4.81 Miles   3 Hrs   27 Mns   1.71 mph
1,890 ft AEG      38 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
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After a reeeealy bad start, I charged off to see Buster Mountain. I hadn't been to Buster for quite some time. In fact, it's been nearly a year, which it seems is just long enough to have forgotten how tough this little guy is. The first mile chimed at 20 minutes and some seconds. The second mile came in at 54 minutes and some change. After that it got really fun in that the trail is pretty much gone. The rains this summer have redeposited a lot of topsoil and the grasses have gone nut, also, someone has been cairn knocking in the area again (I set up a few new ones today at key locations). Topping the difficulties mentioned so far was the wind as it whipped out of Alamo Canyon. Sudden sheers would nearly knock you off your feet at times, and overall, it just wreaks havoc on the equilibrium. Strangely, at the peak, I received a short reprieve from the wind and was able to read and sign the register. The last entry was from last March. As I put the register back, the wind returned. This time, it wasn't messin' around. For the next 3/4 miles I could hardly keep my eye open as I faced into the wind. At times I could only guess and gamble on my next step. Once there was no more connection to Alamo Canyon, the wind became pretty mild and life went back to normal. The rest of the hike was rather uneventful. All in all, another great day outdoors, but aren't they all :D

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