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mini location map2013-05-27
10 by photographer avatarMountain_Rat
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Buster MountainTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar May 27 2013
Hiking4.41 Miles 1,884 AEG
Hiking4.41 Miles   5 Hrs      1.10 mph
1,884 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break10 LBS Pack
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My buddy Kirstin has been on me to take her hiking for months now. She's busy, I'm busy, but we finally managed a common window of 5 hours. Now to find an adventure that would fit. She wanted water, tall trees, a good workout and a finale. While I wanted those same things, I didn't see it all happening in 5 hours(Kirstin is a "Charge!" kind of a girl, but she is also quite easily distracted). The decision on Buster Mountain was made for several reasons, the most important of which was that it was the shortest hike on my short list.

My day started at 03:30 as I started packing, while periodically, and very gently poking at the badger to get her on her feet. By 04:45 we were on the road, left the CSP trailhead at 05:30, aannd took our first snack break at about 05:50 (20 minutes and 2,000' from the TH). We were not gonna get to the peak at this rate unless I could motivate the munchkin. Knowing her love for fairytales, I quickly turned this hike into a quest fit only for a princess :STP: . She took the bait and we were on our way. Now my plan was not without flaw. She, being the princess, was ultimately in command, so we still met with many delays. I think the first 1.25 mi or so offered the badger too much confidence. Once the the trail became faint, she suggested that I take the lead. Then once the trail was no more (it seems that people give this trail up just after the first peak), I was in charge. :DANCE:

The rest of the trip up went as it should, making the peak a bit behind schedule, but within limits. Kirstin found and attached herself to the register, while I checked out the views. Eventually the alarm went off to head back, but as we were replacing the register, what did we find? ANOTHER REGISTER :doh: This was the original one. Try to peel a princess away from that. ](*,)

Long story, short, we burned another 45 minutes reading the more interesting entries, followed by a race with the devil to get back to the TH. We made it back 3 minutes behind schedule.

A great day with my best buddy and one more peak in the bag. :y:
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