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Turd Hill
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mini location map2015-11-24
9 by photographer avatarThe_Dude
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Turd HillTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 24 2015
Hiking2.45 Miles 233 AEG
Hiking2.45 Miles      52 Mns   3.00 mph
233 ft AEG      3 Mns Break
1st trip
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I had a long day driving down to our Cochise yard and back, so I did not have much time for hiking. That left me with my number 2 option...I have been making the drive to Tucson for almost 20 years now in some regular fashion, and this is a little feature that has caught my eye ever since that first trip down. It is just such an alien looking feature amongst its surroundings. Glad that today was the day I could wipe it off the list for good. There was some effort involved, but upon completion there was a definite feeling of...satisfaction. I opted for a similar track to JJ's, parked at the travel center and then hopped the tracks, under the barbed wire, and an otherwise uneventful stroll across some flat land. Hopefully I can get in a bigger hike this long weekend.
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