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North Franklin Mountain
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mini location map2015-11-21
33 by photographer avatarThe_Dude
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North Franklin MountainBig Bend, TX
Big Bend, TX
Hiking avatar Nov 21 2015
Hiking7.80 Miles 2,461 AEG
Hiking7.80 Miles   2 Hrs   56 Mns   2.96 mph
2,461 ft AEG      18 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Work took me to El Paso for a few days, so I just had to get in a hike before my flight out in the afternoon. I got to the park just a bit before 8 so I could pay my fee and get going, my flight was at 12:50 and I had some efforting to do so I could get to the airport on time. Very windy morning, pretty consistent 20 mph winds that jumped up to 50+ once I got to the ridgeline section. Very easy to find my way, but I was really huffing it heading uphill into the wind. Many small breaks to recover my breath along the way, plus the constant juggle of hat/ gloves/ jacket on and off to find a happy running temperature. Made it to the top and took a few pictures, the wind was so cold and cutting that my eyes were tearing up so I headed down after about 2 minutes. Nice views of the city and the military base, the sky was a bit hazy but I would imagine yuo have some great long range views on a clear day. Headed back down the way I came, even had enough time for a quick bite of lunch at the airport waiting for my plane. Beautiful slice of the Chihuahuan desert, dominating plants are Sotols and Sideoats Grama throughout, a few Yuccas mixed in, some Whitethorn Acacia, Flameleaf Sumac, and Scrub Oak were the only 'trees' to be seen.
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