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mini location map2016-04-01
9 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Rincon PeakTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 01 2016
Hiking16.50 Miles 4,790 AEG
Hiking16.50 Miles   8 Hrs   35 Mns   2.39 mph
4,790 ft AEG   1 Hour   40 Mns Break
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1st trip
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I did this at the beginning of April and was hoping for some cool weather. It ended up being fairly warm. When the initial rocky portion was over and I got to the other side of the mountain in the riparian zone, the shade provided a lot of relief. Just a bit past the trail junction, it was neat to see huge manzanita and pines mixed together and Rincon itself starting to pop in and out of view. The last half a mile or so was some really good climb. Thankfully it was in the shade. Once on top though, the 360 view was great, which made the hike and the long drive worthwhile! Cool to be on top of the ravens. And yes, with that world class huge pile of cairn :lol: Had the summit to myself for an hour. A very nice hike!
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