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Chevelon Creek, AZ
mini location map2017-07-02
15 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Chevelon Creek, AZ 
Chevelon Creek, AZ
Backpack avatar Jul 02 2017
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1st trip
We got to the end of FR119 at about 7pm on Sunday after being held up in traffic on 87 for an hour by a brush fire that was caused by someone's trailer towing truck catching fire and pulling over onto the shoulder. We dropped down the ridge quickly and camped in the meadow below by the creek. Next day we did some leisurely day hikes along the creek and explored the area. Such a beautiful canyon! Laying in the dark on the meadow watching the moon and the stars was so much better than the 110 degree heat in the valley :) We packed up early the 2nd morning and hiked back up the ridge. Traffic back into the valley wasn't bad considering it was 4th of July.
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