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Razor Point - Yucca Point - Beach Trail Loop
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mini location map2016-08-13
1 by photographer avatarafrankie
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Razor Point - Yucca Point - Beach Trail LoopSan Diego, CA
San Diego, CA
Hiking avatar Aug 13 2016
Hiking4.70 Miles 910 AEG
Hiking4.70 Miles
910 ft AEG
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Arriving late on a Saturday morning, the sun was beaming and the parking lot was full for my carfull. But hey, that sounds like 7am at Camelback, so I'll take it for it being 11:) It had been about 15 years since I was here last, as a kid, so I was really interested in seeing how the memories shaped by my young eyes compared with today. The vegetation was diverse and well marked, although they're having an issue with an invasive beetle attacking the pines so beetle traps (looked like hanging birde feeders were present throughout).

We hiked upwards from the beach and checked out the different trails and vistas before eventually descending down the Beach Trail and rouding it out on the shoreline. Turns out I couldn't find one particularly tricky trail I remember as a kid - it was a trail that hugged a blind corner on one side and a cliff on the other - or it just wasn't as scary as I imagined it. I refuse to accept the latter, as I didn't go all the way to the beach on all the trails!. One thing remained, it's still beautiful.
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