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Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop UT, UT
mini location map2016-11-07
18 by photographer avatarafrankie
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Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop UT, UT 
Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop UT, UT
Hiking avatar Nov 07 2016
Hiking5.30 Miles 939 AEG
Hiking5.30 Miles
939 ft AEG
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Bryce Canyon: One of the best hikes I've been on, the loop beginning at Sunrise Point and then immediately descending into the hoodoos via Queen's Garden Loop. In the late afternoon, the sun glowed off the hoodoos - incredible first impression of Bryce. The trail consists of many arched tunnels that escort you through the trail, sometimes serving as door ways to vastly different sceneries on the other side. At the bottom of the descent the trail bottoms out in a lightly wooded area encompassing a couple of washes, linking up with Navajo Trail.

Navajo Trail consists of several up and down switchbacks, offering initial glimpse and then wide views of the Twin Arches above. In this area the hoodoos are above and surrounded by the packed siltstone slopes. On a Monday, approaching dusk, we had the entire trail to ourselves and didn't see anyone on the entire Navajo Trail until Wall Street, near the switchbacks back up to Sunrise Point to complete the loop. (The irony of naming a several million year old geologic feature after Wall Street kills me inside.)

Great loop. Must do in Bryce, and not overly strenuous.
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