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Beaver Mountain Trail
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mini location map2016-10-08
13 by photographer avatarafrankie
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Beaver Mountain TrailNortheast, CO
Northeast, CO
Hiking avatar Oct 08 2016
Hiking4.00 Miles 100 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles
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Groves of aspens flank the singletrack trail in a pleasant meadow just beyond the Park entrance. This trail is among the closest on the eastern entrance from Estes, and several loop options are available to hike this area between 1-6 miles with different trail combinations. Much of the trail is secluded in forests, but occasionally the trail opens up for views upwards. Trail elevation is low (for Rocky Mountain standards) so the wildlife is present and the weather conditions will be more predictable.

In mid-October, the Elk were just starting to rut and they were prominent at the trailhead, and frankly everywhere in the park. We saw herds of them, some as close as 10m away. Beaver Meadow trail is an elk track, as we tracked footprints and and saw last the remains of a leg from a carcass.
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