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Pass Mtn Ridgeline Loop - Meridian TH
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mini location map2016-08-20
3 by photographer avatarmt98dew
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Pass Mtn Ridgeline Loop - Meridian THPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 20 2016
Hiking8.07 Miles 2,123 AEG
Hiking8.07 Miles   3 Hrs   40 Mns   2.20 mph
2,123 ft AEG
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Got a little bit of a late start, but I was still on the trail by 6am. Started from the Meridian TH and got on to the Pass Mountain Loop trail just in front of a large group of hikers. Made decent time getting to the ridge and from there went off trail to reach the peak. Saw three large cairns at some of the high points, but there was no trail getting to those points. Hit the peak just to the east of the tallest peak and "glimpsed" a deer. But it was out of sight before I got a really good look at it. Worked my way over to the main peak and signed the register. Sat and enjoyed the views for a short time. It was quite overcast this morning so it made for great hiking weather and some nice views of the Superstitions and Four Peaks. From there worked my way over to the peak that the Wind Cave Trail eventually leads to. It's been a couple of years since I've done this part of the mountain but I thought the trail leading from the register to "Wind Cave Peak" was a little more defined. There were several tracks that I utilized, but this part of the hike was almost as off trail as the ascent from the pass. The climb down from "Wind Cave Peak" to Wind Cave was also less defined than I remember it. And as I was going down I noticed that there appeared to be at least two separate attempts to establish a route to the peak. One person, had taken to tying ribbons to plants and the other had spray painted arrows on rocks. Of course, neither route used the same track and to be honest neither track seemed to be as worn as I would have expected. Having hiked this section a couple of times in the past I was able to hook up to the Wind Cave with no problem. But if you were trying to do this hike without prior knowledge of the Wind Cave Trail, making this connection to the Wind Cave Trail might be more challenging than you would think. I didn't see anyone while I was off trail at the top, but as soon as I hit the Wind Cave Trail, the traffic started picking up, (about 20 hikers and joggers). After Wind Cave, I took the Pass Mountain Loop Trail CCW back to the car. Nice to get this one off the list. Pretty nice combo of off and on trail hiking. :D
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