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Table Tooth, AZ
mini location map2016-12-18
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Table Tooth, AZ 
Table Tooth, AZ
Hiking9.22 Miles 3,326 AEG
Hiking9.22 Miles   7 Hrs   54 Mns   1.53 mph
3,326 ft AEG   1 Hour   52 Mns Break
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Baja Arizona Hiking
There are some things in life that leave you with an amazing glow afterwards and Table Tooth definitely did that for me! Not only was the destination amazing but the people I was with were all good friends and combined it made my day!

We started out doing a reasonable clip on the trail. I had promised to hike between 2.5 and 3 mph so I checked to make sure I was doing it. It was easy to keep up the pace because the morning was cold being 32 degrees in town. I'm sure it was even colder in the canyon and my legs were feeling the cold. I didn't want to stop for a break until I encountered sun.

We still didn't have sun when we left the trail and started to bushwhack. We encountered a few slick rocks in the drainage but no one managed to spill. We ended up on a nice slick rock area that we called the Sidewalk. All of us seemed to really the beauty of the rock as it made our travel easy. Not far from there we finally were able to stop and enjoy some sun.

After our break, the grueling uphill kicked in an unrelentingly fashion. We weaved around dropoffs and pokey shrubbery. As we climbed I noticed we were off route some and our path to correct it lead us on a section of fun scrambling. Somewhere along the scrambling I managed to stab my forearm with an agave and pain occurred every time I moved my wrist. Surprisingly, even today (nearly a week after the hike), I can still detect some swelling in that area.

Soon we reached the ridgeline. Garrison was the first to crest and the noises he made left us all curious. Our curiousity was sated as we stepped up and our eyes were met with one of the most spectacular views of the Levithan and Wilderness Domes. It almost seemed as though there were millions of peaks for our eyes to behold. It was so much to take in!

We headed behind the rocks and up the ridgeline to the spot where we were to climb up. At first I went to far and saw a slab of class 5 rock. I knew that wasn't correct so we looked for another option and found it quickly behind a tree.

The climb up while somewhat easier than a roped climb yet it was not something to be taken lightly. I watched Pete and Steve expertly climb above me. Pete hung out for a minute to make sure I knew what I was doing. When I gazed down from the spot where we mantled up onto a ledge the exposure was breathtaking. One slip and I could be severely injured or worse yet - dead! The stretch for me seemed big and I couldn't seem to get any feet, so I resorted to a style of climbing that I know best - cave climbing! Yes, I used my knees. When I got to the top of the climb I waited to make sure that Garrison and Amy made it to where I was before I continued.

From there we continued along a ridgeline scrambling up rocks. Occasionally, we were treated to more exposed sections but the climbing was really easy. Soon we were lunching on the summit with awesome 360 degree views. Gazing out upon Table Mountain from Table Tooth is a view most people will never see. I've stood on the summit of Table Tooth twice now and each time I am in awe! It's also wonderful to gaze down Pima Canyon and then turn slightly and see Valentine and Prominent Point. Checking out the rest of the Wolf's Teeth, Cathedral, and then Mt Lemmon leaves you drooling. And to see the Domes yet again is like looking at eye candy! Yes, this peak is special!!!

Part of the fun of this peak is to check out the summit log. I was amazed to see that someone had been there just a couple days before us. There had just been a handful of people since my first trip in 2012. The summit jar itself seems to be an original and it has papers that go all the way back to 1976. Yes, 40 years! As I paged through the log I paused when I saw the Montgomery names pop out at me. I always love seeing their names on the peak registers!

We sat on the summit for more than an hour soaking in the sun and the views. It was hard to tear ourselves away from the majestic sites. Or maybe we just didn't want to take on the exposed downclimb!

On our way down we decided to check out a totem rock that we had seen on our approach. Had anyone heard us as we neared the rock they would have thought some weird ritual was about to happen. We were chanting 'Totem' over and over again!

The hike out, while the most boring part of our day, was still a joy because the act of summoning Table Tooth had left me with a summit high and I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of my existence that day!
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