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Table Top Mountain, AZ
mini location map2014-05-11
5 by photographer avatarDennisWilliams
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Table Top Mountain, AZ 
Table Top Mountain, AZ
Hiking8.00 Miles 2,100 AEG
Hiking8.00 Miles   4 Hrs   1 Min   2.17 mph
2,100 ft AEG      20 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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The cool weather determined me to go for maybe one last low desert hike before the furnace is lit for the summer. I have been considering Table Top Mountain for some time. It is pleasing to look around the valley and recall the high places one has been. Living in Mesa, I don't usually get over to the west side. The last time over there was a hike to the fondly remembered Window Mountain. Table Top dominates everything on the south side of the Estrellas almost to the Mexican border. It is a solid 2+ hour drive from Mesa and one needs a high clearance vehicle on the Vekol Valley road and the side road to the TH. It is also advisable to take a vehicle that you don't mind getting brush pin-striped, as I found out to my regret.

With the wind blowing so much dust the air quality was downright hazardous when I left the house. Visibility was about 1 mile. It had improved to merely unhealthful by the time I got to the TH, and visibility was probably 10 miles at that time. It continued to improve throughout the day, but was never better than maybe 20 miles.

Left the TH around 9:45 and reached the top 2 hours later. There is good trail all the way up. The summit area is quite large and relatively flat (hence the name). It is somewhat of a horse shoe shape and the trail curves along the edge with wide open views all around. The 2 survey markers that I found are located in the wide summit space. The whole area is remarkably clean and devoid of trash or other impact except for the trail itself. I did see a couple of old-time tin cans on top that had been up there a very long time. Other than that, pristine. Even though warned by signs on the road of drug and human smuggling in the area there is no sign of the trash usually found associated with that business. Cut no sign of the hostiles. Saw no-one else once leaving I8 and getting on Vekol Road. Got back to the TH around 1:45 pm. Stayed in the high 70s the entire time. Wind just howled up there.

I hope to go back when there is less dust in the air. Should be able to take in a great swathe of country from up there on a better day.
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