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Two Horseshoes and a little Ridgeline, AZ
mini location map2017-02-04
7 by photographer avatartibber
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Two Horseshoes and a little Ridgeline, AZ 
Two Horseshoes and a little Ridgeline, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 04 2017
Hiking5.49 Miles 1,149 AEG
Hiking5.49 Miles   2 Hrs   12 Mns   2.50 mph
1,149 ft AEG
1st trip
Starting from 38th Street I wanted to hike up the trail that I could see while on what I call Tibber's Happy Hour Ridgeline so I headed west on the main trail and veered south each time I could hoping to hook up with that trail. That happened about 3 times and then I found myself going up but not where I had wanted to so I decided I would try to find that trail on the way back. Once I topped out I realized I was on the western edge of the Ridgeline.

I proceeded over (south) to the next set of mountains all the while not feeling good at all. Though I had eaten over 3 hours ago I felt stuffed and it made hiking no fun. I hiked over to 1A and around the eastern side horseshoe to the 302. I had intended on taking the next horseshoe VOAZ but finally I was feeling fine and there was shade on most of the 302 going up so I decided to do that instead. It was a good climb and then I headed down and over to the western horseshoe (Irregular Link) where I passed a couple hikers, met a man and his two beautiful white labs and answered his question about where does this trail go before arriving back down at the main trail.

I headed over to the Happy Hour Ridgeline and climbed up and started heading over in pursuit of the trail I couldn't find on the way up. Well while heading east on the ridgeline when I looked back, there it was (I thot it would be in front of me). I had actually come up the trail I had intended in the first place. I just didn't realize it was that far west. Just as I am ready to ascend the steeper of the hills on the ridgeline I see a trail that veers north so I decided to take that to see if it could get me down. It contoured for a bit before heading down and once I got to a little saddle I could see the trail I had taken up a couple months ago.

I continued down and had an option to cross over to an easier trail but decided to take the less traveled one. It pretty much goes straight down following a bedrock line in the mountain. The rock was sticky so I was able to make pretty good progress to the bottom. Next on the agenda was to check out the paved traffic circle I had wondered about from previous hikes. From the main trail I veered left to a not-well traveled trail anymore over to the circle where they have a Phoenix Preserve sign and the circle has no parking signs (technically the end of 37th St). I am assuming it's not usable because there are several private residences to its east.

One of these evenings, I'll actually have to do a Happy Hour up on that ridgeline :) .
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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