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HM-RC-MD-Barnhardt Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-02-26
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HM-RC-MD-Barnhardt Loop, AZ 
HM-RC-MD-Barnhardt Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 26 2017
Hiking20.00 Miles
Hiking20.00 Miles   12 Hrs   50 Mns   1.56 mph
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1st trip
After reading various triplogs and trying to find out as much information as I could about these trails, I set off with a friend to conquer these newly discovered trails. I had no idea they even existed and when I found out they formed a loop I had to try it. No idea of the actual mileage as I didn't track due to battery worries but I would say it was 18+, probably closer to 20, based on the route I downloaded which was 22 miles total but we didn't follow that exact route. Not really having any idea what to expect we headed out at 630 and planned for a 12 hour hike. Having done legs the day before at the gym I learned never to hike after leg day again. The trails were amazing though and we came across many waterfalls. The trails were definitely rough until we hit the divide and when we did I don't think I had ever been more happy to see a trail. The hike from there to the truck was brutal only in that we were tired and sore and it felt like the longest hike of my life. The hike from Rock Creek was absolutely amazing though. I want to go back and check out all the cliffs and the waterfalls and spend more time there. I liked the fact that we pretty much got to climb over the mountain range, too. Overall a very rewarding hike as I know now that I can complete an almost 20 mile hike in a day. I love pushing myself when it comes to my hikes and seeing just how far I can go!

The trails:

Half Moon: Half moon is easy to follow at the start however there are places where the trail disappears. If you follow GPS and watch for cairns it is easy to make it to Rock Creek. However there is a part where Half Moon drops down to Rock Creek and if you aren't paying attention you can miss it (as we did!) The connection to Rock Creek was marked by an old wooden post where a trail sign once was.

Rock Creek: Rock Creek starts off easy until the last mile or so to the saddle. The trail is very faint but if you follow GPS it is not too hard to find. However once you get to the saddle the trail disappears. Following GPS helps somewhat and there are cairns but it is very hard to find and we just cut straight down guided by GPS until we hit the divide. Luckily the bushes you have to cut through aren't thorny.

Any questions about the trails just ask!
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