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Picacho Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-07-22
18 by photographer avatarjacobemerick
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Picacho Loop, AZ 
Picacho Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 22 2017
Hiking7.96 Miles 2,488 AEG
Hiking7.96 Miles   4 Hrs   8 Mns   2.02 mph
2,488 ft AEG      12 Mns Break
1st trip
Quick afternoon jaunt. Due to parental constraints I didn't get to the park until 2:30 (pm) and a somewhat humid 105. Only one other vehicle along Barrett Loop. Did Calloway first, then backtracked and headed up Hunter. Man, this is a fun one. Legs were crying when I saw that drop on the other side of the ridge, and some of the cable sections are legit. Wish I lived closer than an hour away, could see this being a great after-work ritual. Caught up with the other hiker just below the peak, who ended up being a very talkative climber, which slowed my pace a bit (not that I was complaining).

Trotted back down to Sunset Vista and committed to the full loop. This trail had a few badly washed out sections that gave me pause. Once things leveled off it was a simple, if boring, haul around the western remnants. Dark clouds and dust gave me plenty to look at as I followed the unnamed roadside path back to Barrett Loop. Decided to do Children's Cave, since it was right there, and then Nature Loop, figuring I'd get all five of the named trails completed. Think I messed up on Nature Loop, will have to come back w/ my boys to check (and maybe to test the playground equipment out). Thanks to the storm on the east side of 10 it was a mild 90 when I finished up.

Drank 3.5 L water + 2 Gatorades, still had some cramps for the last mile. Should have mixed some electrolytes w/ the water, thought the Gs would be enough. And of course, enjoyed the Picacho classic on the way out.
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