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Corral Ruins
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mini location map2018-01-13
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Corral RuinsGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 13 2018
Hiking3.70 Miles 630 AEG
Hiking3.70 Miles
630 ft AEG
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The long way home...

My good friend Hank joined me on this one. We started planning this trip about a month ago. For various reasons, It kept getting pushed out. This trip had special meaning for me. It's been about ten years in the making. This butte has been calling me every time I drive along the highway between Globe and Salt River Canyon. It can be clearly seen from both directions. It just captivates me. I've always wondered if their were ruins out there. Its funny. I actually just today came to the realization that this is really where it all started for me. This butte is what first fueled my early thirst for obscure ruin hunting. The sense of adventure. The unknown.

Satellite imagery was barely usable back then. Subtle sites just didn't show up well. I thought to look again about a year ago after driving home from the White Mountains. That butte was still calling. Well, well, well. What do we have hear. My original gut feeling was starting to look like a reality. It was still subtle but the outlines were visible. Image data over the last four years has gotten much better. It was time to finally walk out there and take a look. I'm amazed its taken this long. My original assessment was maybe 8-10 rooms. That's a big site for a butte. What we found was far better. The entire butte was covered with rooms. 13-15 is a good rough guess. The more you looked, the more you found. Pottery shards (sherds to be more technical) of varying size were everywhere. We found extensive ground metate's. Some were amazingly large and deep. This ruin is actually the biggest butte site I've explored. This site was clearly home to a large community for many years. It's hard to imagine what that would have looked like. Families were raised on that butte. Amazing.

Talk about coming full circle. The long way home. At this point in my life, the timing was perfect. Yesterday was special. Thanks for coming Hank. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

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