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Cathedral Rock Loop, AZ
mini location map2018-01-22
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Cathedral Rock Loop, AZ 
Cathedral Rock Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 22 2018
Hiking8.21 Miles 987 AEG
Hiking8.21 Miles   5 Hrs   2 Mns   1.84 mph
987 ft AEG      35 Mns Break
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We start this loop at the Baldwin trail head on Verde Valley School Road north of the village of Oak Creek. You can also start the loop at the Yavapai Point trail head and the Cathedral Rock trail head. Starting from the Baldwin trail head: there are many different ecosystems along this trail. Starting out on the Baldwin trail, you follow Oak Creek along the North side of Cathedral Rock where it is cool and shady in the morning. Joining up to the Templeton trail, you are in high desert chaparral continuing in the morning shadow of Cathedral Rock. Soon you come to the Cathedral Rock trail head where you may encounter tourists sunning themselves and taking photos on a large rock ledge on the East side of Cathedral rock. There is a steep, dangerous trail to the summit here, the Cathedral Rock trail. Next is a little warren of short trails to get to the Hiline Trail. We took the Yavapai Vista and the Easy Breezy trails, which wind near the slick rock near the Yavapai Vista trail head. The Hiline trail is a delight, climbing above the valley below and showing breathtaking views of the red rock skyline, including Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock. The first part of the Hiline trail is quite popular, especially on weekends. People usually go about two miles to a high plateau overlooking Verde Schoolhouse road to the East and then return. If you continue past this point you will head through a canyon to a series of steep dry wash descents. You are in low chaparral at this point, with ocatilla and palo verde trees. Look back to the high plateau on the Hiline trail to see how far you have come. Return to the Baldwin trail parking lot via the South and West portions of the Baldwin loop.
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