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Bull Canyon Rim Hike, AZ
mini location map2018-04-21
16 by photographer avatarOregon_Hiker
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Bull Canyon Rim Hike, AZ 
Bull Canyon Rim Hike, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 21 2018
Hiking6.80 Miles 1,700 AEG
Hiking6.80 Miles   7 Hrs      0.97 mph
1,700 ft AEG
1st trip
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Day 3 of our planned 6 day camping trip in the Sierra Ancha Mountains near the Bull Canyon Trail Head on FR203A. Our plan was to take what we call the off-trail Deep Creek shortcut up to the rim of Bull Canyon, then turn right and follow the rim south to a ravine which cuts across the top of the rim. That ravine looked like a good place to explore for ruins and old mining prospects.

RedRoxx44 met us in camp in the morning and we all drove to the Bull Canyon TH to start the hike. We were a little surprised to find FriendofThundergod's white 4-Runner at the TH but knew he was probably doing a day hike with the pups to the Moody Point Cliff Dwelling. What we didn't know is whether he had taken the Deep Creek shortcut or opted to take the longer Deep Creek Trail 128 route (about 6.5 miles vs 12 miles). So we kept an eye out for him as we hiked the Deep Creek shortcut but soon determined that he must have taken the other route.

The old mining road which we followed down to Deep Creek was a little overgrown in places but didn't seem too bad until on our way back when we were tired and anxious to get back to camp so GH could cook dinner for us. After crossing the very dry Deep Creek we started up the side of the canyon. GH was leading the way following FriendofThundergod's gps track from his March 3 "Sierra Ancha" hike. The scrub oak and manzanita were thick and trying to lead the way through this maze with gps in one hand was slowing our leader down. RedRoxx44 who doesn't use a gps struck off on her own and glided through that brush like a ghost - I followed doing my best to keep up with out success. We eventually all met up at the top of the rim with a great view of the Moody Point cliff dwelling. Unfortunately the brush had pulled GH's camera out of its case and it had disappeared somewhere along the up-hill climb. We hiked about 0.6 miles south along the top of the rim until reaching a view point of our destination. Looking at how much further we had to go and the time, GH and I decided it was best to turn around and head back. Especially if we wanted time to carefully backtrack looking for GH's camera and get back to camp in time for him to cook one of his famous camp dinners for us. RedRoxx44 agreed but I have a feeling she'll be back with out us two old guys to slow her down. :)

The three of us followed GH's gps track as closely as we could searching for that camera but with no luck. We had determined that he had hiked about 150 yds from the point where he last took a photo to the location where he discovered it was missing. I still can't believe we didn't find it.

Although we had to turn around early it was an enjoyable hike (except for the lost camera) with great views. We got back to camp around 5 pm and GH cooked up a great group meal - linguini with meatballs and smoked sausage in spaghetti sauce plus a salad of fresh greens and other assorted garden vegetables. A most fulfilling end to another amazing day in the Sierra Ancha.
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