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Bulldog Canyon Loop - OOPS, AZ
mini location map2015-02-01
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Bulldog Canyon Loop - OOPS, AZ 
Bulldog Canyon Loop - OOPS, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 01 2015
Hiking7.49 Miles 991 AEG
Hiking7.49 Miles   4 Hrs   26 Mns   2.24 mph
991 ft AEG   1 Hour   5 Mns Break
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Ambika said she had time to do something short so I thot we'd try the other side of the Bulldog Canyon Loop. I checked many other possibilities out there but nothing that would be shorter. I also found a side excursion to the Mask. I loaded this loop up on HAZtraks (still haven't figured out how to get the topo to stick) & Scout II revised edition. I told Ambika we would meet at the Park (as we had planned to meet there a few weeks ago for this loop but chose to go to the Desert Survival Class instead). Somehow she thot Superstition Museum and she thot I had done this Loop with Kelly.

We eventually got together once I got KemoSabe to function after driving to Fry's in AJ from Prospector Park. This cell phone stuff is still a little frustrating to me. Anyway, we had time for the planned hike even though we would be starting an hour later than planned.

We arrived at the trailhead area but had to park short of it due to all the horse trailer activity. It was a very nice morning as we started out and headed west. I showed her where the playground area was up on the Blue Ridge to our east (still editing pics from that awesome hike). We climbed a hill to get a better view of the lingering fog to the south and east of us.

Back down on the road after some ATVers had passed we continued our hike. About four horseback riders came by; one of the horses was wearing ankle high booties instead of shoes. That must be something new because I don't remember that being an option back in my day. I don't know how the booties work if the horse is trotting or galloping :-k . We saw the roof of what we eventually figured out must be an animal water catchment area. We ended up walking past the turn on FR10 but not too far because I looked at my HAZtraks route to make sure so we backtracked THIS time.

Previously on this part of the hike we had views of the Dome Mountains, Four Peaks and Top Hat. Now we were heading north and would be going over a hill (where there was a FS gate) and continuing up down and around on the road. There would be a few vehicles that we would have to pull over for. Part of the road got a bit rutty but I'm sure the drivers enjoyed the challenge. I believe it was not too far from this area that we should have hung a right. I got it in my head that this hike was all road so we stayed on the road ](*,) even though HAZtraks said we were veering north when we should be going more to the east. I just figured the track was off and that we would eventually join back with it. THAT of course did NOT happen. We kept on the road going up and down and admiring the many colors of Dome Mountain on our right.

We had lunch above the wash and picked up some trash to haul out before continuing on hoping that the road would be heading right once we got down toward this declining ridgeline. We ended up going down the wash for a bit but it didn't look promising. Ambika made the call to turn around so we did. I did have a write up with me and after reviewing that a couple times, it did seem we were off course (the write up was the opposite way we were going so it's always a bit more difficult to process that :stop: ). Once back to the road I wanted to climb up to the top of the road to see what we could see (I did a similar thing with Kelly the month before). There was another very steep hill in front of us that is now closed, thankfully, to rec vehicles so we decided to tackle that. I'm a little leery of steep hills right now but it was short.

The views from the top were quite nice :DANCE: . We could see the fog still trying to lift above the Superstitions. Back down the hill we went and headed on FR10. We came to an area that we thot was the turn and way pointed it but it's actually a little further; by the cairn that we totally missed; mostly because I had it in my head that this was a road walk ](*,) . So if you get to the wash with the telephone pole (heading northwestish) you've gone too far. During this hike, it was surprising how hilly (little hills) it was. You think you've hit the last hill and another one shows UP. We didn't really see anybody for the rest of the day after we came down the hill from where the gate is so that was nice.

We ended up doing a longer hike than we planned but it was pretty and I got a better lay of the land. We're looking forward to coming back and really doing the Loop. Of course we finished our day at Los Gringos with some guacamole fresco and other food.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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