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Hannagan Meadow Grant/KP Creek Loop
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mini location map2018-05-26
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Hannagan Meadow Grant/KP Creek LoopAlpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Backpack avatar May 26 2018
Backpack33.29 Miles 7,442 AEG
Backpack33.29 Miles3 Days         
7,442 ft AEG25 LBS Pack
1st trip
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We started our hike at the KP campground around noon. Once we pulled out of the creek the trail started to disappear. There was no more water till we got to the bottom. It was roughly 3-4 miles of almost non-existent trail, 5 foot tall grass, down trees, thorny bushes and anklerolling rocks. That's a geological term. Look it up :lol:. We were lucky enough to have a dog with us that did an excellent job of finding the trail. We managed to make camp in this area, but I wouldn't recommend it. Once you hit the the boundary fence, it gets much better. After passing the road/trailhead, we hit Grant Creek trail. FYI, there is no sign for this tail. The trail conditions were much better. Down here I caught a small Apache Trout and saw a bunch of deer. We pulled up and out of the canyon and camped the second night at White Oak Springs. It was a nice spot with plenty of water. I recommend filling up here. We only saw water one more place after this. There were a lot of down trees on most of the trails. Depending on the conditions of Foote, it might be a better option for a loop.
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