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Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve Loop
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mini location map2018-09-27
11 by photographer avatarcactuscat
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Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve LoopTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 27 2018
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Hiking2.30 Miles
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Don't you love it when a series of impulsive decisions lead you to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time?! That was my day today. :D
As of yesterday I wasn't even sure I'd be going out today - part of me wanted to sit at home and watch the Kavanaugh hearings. By bedtime last night, though, I had pretty much decided I would take a nice short half day trip to bird the St. David Monastery and Lake Cochise. But - prone to change my mind as I am - this morning I kept thinking about the American Redstart that has been hanging out at Paton's in Patagonia ... AMRE is very rare in Arizona, last seen at Paton's in 1994 ... I also had a facebook post on my mind - a photo of two young Mountain Lions posted by a volunteer at the Patagonia Sonoita Creek Preserve. So at 6:30 I hit the road towards Patagonia.
Spent an hour at Paton's - saw about 20 different species of birds and had good conversation with the volunteers. No American Redstart in evidence.
Drove down Blue Haven Road to the Preserve Visitor Center - paid my $6, saw the Mountain Lion warning signs, chatted with the volunteer, and bought a poster. Then drove halfway back up the road to the primitive trailhead there, with no real plan.
After consulting my little map, decided to make a loop of the Railroad Trail and the Creek Trail.
Saw deer and squirrels along the Railroad, then had a close encounter with a Javelina along the creek. I was standing still and he was making his was up the stream ... he didn't know I was there until he stopped about 6 feet away and started sniffing the air in my direction. After a couple photos, I said - softly - "Hi piggy", and he turned tail and shot off.
Next up were more deer in the field and some birds.
Then when I reached the junction where I intended to loop back to my car, I looked at the map again and saw the Spring Trail and the Cienega Loop very close by in the other direction - thought that sounded nice and decided to add it. Good decision.
Soon saw a mama and baby deer - very cute!
About halfway around this spontaneous loop, I crouched down to take a photo of a sign, then as I stood back up I looked at the tree to my right and found myself making eye contact with a Mountain Lion! The tree was 10 feet away, and she was 15 feet up on a horizontal limb ... for a total of just 25 feet between us!
When I remembered to breathe - and function - I said "Hi kitty", took three photos, and began slowly backing up. I knew there were two young ones from the previous photo I had seen, and obviously a mama cat around somewhere ...
Once I backed out of sight, my adrenaline really kicked in and my heart pounded! I also did a little celebration dance. :y:
A minute later, a squirrel startled me and I just about jumped out of my skin! :lol:
The mammal show wasn't quite done yet - I had one more close encounter, this time with a coati - on the hike back.
Drove back to the V.C. because I couldn't wait to tell someone. Then another quick stop at Paton's to show them my pics and try for the AMRE one more time - still didn't see it, but can't say I cared too much by this point.
Stopped at Lake Cochise on the way home to see all the water and shore birds, and managed to get a couple lifers.
Awesome, amazing day!!

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