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Tule Creek Ruins
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mini location map2019-02-12
10 by photographer avatarGeeEss
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Tule Creek RuinsPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 12 2019
Hiking2.50 Miles 450 AEG
Hiking2.50 Miles
450 ft AEG
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Fascinating adventure today brought us to the very ruins described. My best guess is that these rock buildings were part of the broader Columbia Mining Camp, erected in the 1890s. Getting to the trailhead is challenging. There is no longer access from the north, as roads are now gated and locked along private property. Access from Columbia Trail via Cow Creek Rd also goes through private property and requires permission from said property owner. I was able to garner permission and decided to try to get my modified Jeep up the old mining road. It was very challenging, and I do not relish the thought of another attempt. Would have been much easier in a small quad.

In any case, we did make it, then experienced the joy of trudging down this challenging wash -- whew, what a workout! But we made it and found a total of four buildings at three sites, with tall walls, elaborate fireplaces, and enormous chimneys. Never seen anything like 'em!

There is a possible third access point, if anyone wants to give it a shot. There is a road about four miles NW of Indian Mesa, which will take you near Fort Tule. From there it would be about a 2.5 mile hike north to the better dwellings.
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