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Peters Trail East, AZ
mini location map2019-02-11
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Peters Trail East, AZ 
Peters Trail East, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 11 2019
Hiking18.54 Miles 2,911 AEG
Hiking18.54 Miles   9 Hrs   12 Mns   2.49 mph
2,911 ft AEG   1 Hour   46 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Set out to finish the eastern end of the Peters Trail from service road 213 along hwy 88 at the Tortilla Trail Head. Rather than risk driving the first quarter mile of SVR 213, I opted to just walk it. It is only 3.4 miles to the Peters Trail start. Nice road to walk at sun rise, not so nice on the return when you are tired. Tortilla Creek to the southwest of the road was running pretty good. The signed Peters Trail starts at Tortilla Well where there are the remains of a windmill and metal tank.

The Peters Trail is easy to follow where the only hindrance was crossing the creek because of the water and even this wasn't much of a problem. The climb out of the Tortilla Creek drainage system over a ridge to the Peters Canyon drainage was very steep and rocky. Not bad going up, just tiring and the top of the ridge always seemed to be just over the next horizon. Going down on the return would be the hard part. Kane Spring and a spring just over this ridge on the southwest side made the trail a little muddy at the crossings. Peters Canyon was also running pretty good but less than Tortilla Creek. The trail gets a little obscure along the creek in places but with a little searching can be reacquired without much delay. The climb up to Peters Mesa was fairly easy. Continued on the Peters Trail where it turns south for about a mile to my turn around point. I hiked to this point about a month ago from the other direction from Labarge Canyon. I headed back to Peters Mesa high point on the Peters Trail and took lunch there.

Returned the same way I came, up Peters canyon climbing Tortilla Mountain south ridge then over Tortilla Mountain south east ridge. The trip down the ridge into Tortilla Canyon as I expected was a little slow because of the steep rocky trail. My knees were holding up pretty good but they started complaining a little along this section. The rest of the return to the trail head was uneventful. once on the SVR 213 I just had 3 more miles to go so I put it in auto pilot for about an hour. This hike was suppose to be about 17 miles but turned out to be almost 19.

Really nice hike, recommend doing the road portion in early morning the sunrise views will keep you entertained. If you time the hike back just right you can do the return at sunset and the sun hitting the cliffs of Fish Creek and Four Peaks should be spectacular.

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Kane Spring Dripping Dripping
Ground along Trail was saturated. Didn't actually locate the spring.

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