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Peralta Canyon to Upper La Barge overnighter, AZ
mini location map2019-02-14
7 by photographer avatarMerianne
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Peralta Canyon to Upper La Barge overnighter, AZ 
Peralta Canyon to Upper La Barge overnighter, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 14 2019
45 LBS Pack
1st trip
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When I made my first forays onto the HAZ site I saw a lot written about Peralta Canyon and the Superstitions. Little did I know that I used to drive by them back in the day when visiting my niece who used to live in Mesa. A few months back I took off on an overnighter following the Dripping Springs Super Loop, thank you arizonaheat, Amazing! As usual, I was afraid to camp by myself and with a full backpack hoofed the whole thing in one day. My second trip to Peralta Trailhead did not go as planned. I was going to sleep in my car and take off early for a short day hike, Bluff Spring Trail and back, however, at about 2100 some guy came whipping into the parking lot and began cranking music and smoking up a storm. Let's call this gentleman Mr. Tweeker. Being unarmed, I was not going to nicely approach him and ask him to turn the music down. Alternative, pack up my bag, slam doors and hike out at 2215 to set up camp by myself. Thank you Mr. Tweeker for getting me out of my comfort zone.
Surprisingly enough when I drove into the parking lot this Tuesday late after work there was Mr. Tweeker again. Windows rolled down, music blaring. This time I just drove down the road a bit and had a good nights sleep. Day one I hiked about 14 miles into Upper La Barge to camp. Other than enjoying the sounds of water and all of the flowers I have no clue what I spent my time thinking about. Leaving work, family, friends behind my brain just shut off. Wednesday night/ Thursday morning rain woke me up but it was no more than a drizzle. When I awoke everything was dry and the sun was trying to peek out. After sitting by the water, enjoying the gurgling, I thought I needed to get going before the rain really started. The best part of the hike came at the end of Whisky Spring Trail, I think that is where the view really opened up. I could see The Weaver's Needle that I had hiked around and the amazing ridgeline jutting up from Dutchman's Trail. By this time it had been raining about an hour and the thought popped into my head, dang, hope I can get out of the parking lot. I met some equally wet hikers on my way out but they all had smiles. Should have asked if they were from Seattle like me. I made it back out to civilization with only some minor fishtailing in the mud. Already planning my next trip. There is so much written about the Superstitions by hikers who are knowledgeable about the area, I felt free to just ramble a bit about my hike. 26hrs 50 min like no other.
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