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Austrian Alps Hutte to Hutte, WW
mini location map2019-07-24
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Austrian Alps Hutte to Hutte, WW 
Austrian Alps Hutte to Hutte, WW
Backpack avatar Jul 24 2019
Backpack42.65 Miles 14,053 AEG
Backpack42.65 Miles5 Days         
14,053 ft AEG
1st trip
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Capping off our trip to Austria we hiked 5 days hutte to hutte in the GrosGlockner region of the Austrian Alps. We hiked with my German friend Stephan and his two teenage kids Niklas and Aino. Great to have them with us and of course a German speaking interpreter a huge help. To reach the start we took the train to the gondola which we used to get to the beginning of our hike up on the mountain at 2300 meters / 7500 feet.

Day 1 - It was about 130 when we started hiking so first days goal was to make the Lienzner Hutte. The trail was sort of mixed bag with good in the beginning to a lake and then rough terrain littered with marmot holes and rocks that slowed us down. We managed to reach the Lienzner Hutte about 6pm just in time for dinner and a beverage. Of course, the great thing about all huts in the Alps they all have hot food and beer and this one was no exception :D

Day 2 – We started with a short loop in the valley around the hutte along the creek before hiking up. After that the goal was to get over a pass at 2700 meters in order to make the next hutte. The trail was better than the previous day and improved as we continued over the pass. Some snow fields as expected on both sides of the pass and more so coming down the north side. However, didn’t take long to get down to the Elberfelderhutte which was the most remote one that we stayed at. Also, rain moved in after we arrived but we were all settled so it didn’t affect our stay. In addition to food and beer most of the huts are equipped with showers and this one was no different even though it was pretty remote.

Day 3 – Next morning we got an early start since we had to climb over the highest pass of the trip at 3000 meters. However, not before a good breakfast which is also served at most huts (hut life is rough). All fueled up we started the climb and the trail was surprisingly good. We hit some fairly large snowfields but the snow was packed and easy hike. Reaching the pass there was a nice emergency shelter that other hikers had setup their gear. We could see them up on a nearby peak. After the break we started down the north side with more snowfields but nothing difficult. The hike after the pass was easy hiking and we reached the next hutte fairly early by 2pm. Glorerhutte our next nights stay the highest of all the huts at 2600 meters. With the early arrival we had plenty of time for happy hour and relaxing afternoon :)

Day 4 – Relaxing night at the Glorerhutte so we were all ready for the next day. The day also would take us by the highest peak in Austria GrosGlockner with great views as we passed by. This day was the most scenic of the entire trip with several highlights including a glacier near the end. But first we passed the peak and another hutte that of course we stopped to have a beer. After the break we continued contouring (no pass today) around the GrosGlockner base and over to the glacier. The views near the glacier were the other highlight of the trip and we did a side hike over to the glacier base to check it out. It was a cool area to checkout but rainstorm rolled in and we headed to the fourth nights stay Glocknerhaus. To get there the trail crosses a dam and skirts glacier lake before a short climb up to the nights accommodations. Glocknerhaus was really a hotel and not a hutte so we were spoiled and great way to spend the last night in the Alps.

Day 5 – Another restful night but we had one more pass to climb and some mileage to cover on the other side. The trail was decent to the pass but once over the pass the north side was steep and large snowfield made it slow going. Also, rain started to fall which slowed down our progress. Continuing down the north side we got below snow level and followed the trail down to another hutte for a rest and a beverage. After that we continued the hike down in the rain to the end at Ferleiten. In all we descended 1500 meters about 5000 feet so it was a long way down. Fortunately the village of Ferleiten had a place to get out of the rain and grab a bite. After that we managed to get a taxi over to where I had dropped the vehicle in Kaprun before the trip. Only bad part the trip was over but the hut to hut experience was definitely awesome and cool to see the Austrian hutte culture!
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