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Long Canyon Green Mtn Loop, CO
mini location map2019-09-09
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Long Canyon Green Mtn Loop, CO 
Long Canyon Green Mtn Loop, CO
Hiking5.01 Miles 1,314 AEG
Hiking5.01 Miles   3 Hrs   1 Min   1.82 mph
1,314 ft AEG      16 Mns Break
1st trip
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Moderate 5 mile loop on well maintained interconnecting trails. Clockwise, the trail begins with constant drop to the canyon bottom, then proceeds up the other side along Ranger and Green Mountain trails. At the summit you have 360 degree views and a sighting disc to help ID the mountains in view. Lots of other opportunities for overlooks along the trail.
In this direction, you will encounter about 1/4 mile of moderately difficult climb to access the summit. Counterclockwise, the trail to the summit is much less strenuous, but the Long Canyon trail is a mile long ascent.
The entire route is through three covered forest, and makes for excellent early Fall exercise.
I encountered only a single runner along the trail this morning, which I found exceptionally surprising given that the trail head is so close to Boulder.
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