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6L Ranch from Spur Cross, AZ
mini location map2020-03-08
53 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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6L Ranch from Spur Cross, AZ 
6L Ranch from Spur Cross, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 08 2020
Hiking11.00 Miles 690 AEG
Hiking11.00 Miles
690 ft AEG
1st trip
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When Greg and Cathy sent me an invite for this, I didn't think I'd be able to go. But my plans got cancelled, so I was looking forward to hiking with them and tibber again. I was finally going to get to meet Brian as well, and was very happy to meet Kai. His enthusiasm was contagious. :lol:

I showed up early and dinked around at Jewel of the Creek for a bit (separate triplog) before meeting the others at the Spur Cross Parking. There was a chance of rain today, so the rain gear was packed and I wore the jacket for awhile instead of hauling a long sleeve too. It looked threatening and then the sun broke through and we had amazing clouds all day. Although it looked threatening in the afternoon again, we lucked out and never felt a drop. The sun played Hide and Seek with the clouds for most of the Day, creating wonderful light, but you had to be quick, as the clouds were moving fast. I think all of us missed shots simply because the lit up scenes didn't last even long enough for us to get a camera up, compose and hit the shutter before the clouds darkened the spot we were trying to capture. There were two themes of the Day. One, for photography, "wait 5 seconds and the light will change" and two, "try not to get the feet wet" with the multiple creek crossings. Although I don't know about Brian's return trip, I think we all failed at one point or another. Angela got a chance to get even with me after I kidded her about dragging a foot. :lol: The challenge was sure fun. :D

We barely get started and the front runners spot a male Cardinal singing his love song. What a nice start. And the Metate Trail is always such a pleasure to hike with all of the giant saguaros. And then we start hitting the creek crossings. I've had dogs that were excited about water, but Kai... I have never seen a Dog get so ecstatic as this one. It's like he could smell it and then he was off at breakneck speed to hit the water and the pure joy was so fun to watch. What a good boy! I got a lot of shots of him playing. He's getting older, but was acting just like a puppy. You just couldn't help but smile and laugh at his antics. He reminded me of the Chocolate Lab I used to have. He stayed 10 months old until he was 10 years old. :lol:

The trail was wonderful. You could just cruise on it most of the way. We'd stop occasionally for photos, and of course, water crossing antics, but generally we made good time. Greg spotted a snake in the trail and of course, I got 1 shot and my battery died. After a Turbo Battery Change, I was trying to get some good photos and I did, but the one I would have really liked to have, I missed. The Brittlebush was celebrating spring and there was a nice spot along the Trail for other wildflowers as well. We spent a little time there, and while getting Photos, Angela and Greg were nice enough to share the names of some of the blooms I didn't know.

We arrived at the 6L Ranch Sign and that was Brian's turn around point for the day. He would meet us later for a post hike meal. After his departure, we continued on, messing around with an old truck, spending some time at a glyph site and then we were at the Ranch. Spent quite awhile there, walking around and finding relics and structures from a distant past. The rock walls they built for flood control were pretty impressive. I also happily got some photos of an unexpected raptor who was hanging out in the area. :) And then we had a nice break at a great spot by the creek. The skies darkened and we wondered about rain, but it never happened. And then it was time to head back to the barn. We made good time going back as well, with a few more stops for Photos. That light, it just kept changing and we'd find new compositions for things we had already passed, including the wildflowers. And then we were back at the vehicles. We met up with Brian again for a post Hike meal and then went our separate ways.

What a great day. It's been several years since I've been to Spur Cross and I had forgotten how truly special this place is. Miles of mature Saguaro Forest, where a majority of them were big, but where there were also quite a few in the impressive to grand scale. And the geology was amazing. To have the creek flowing like I've never seen it before was a huge bonus as well. I need to get up here more often for sure. The weather couldn't have been any better and the company was superb. Although the weather bothered my knees and legs some, I was glad to get in the mileage on a sweet trail. Thanks so much for the Invite Greg and Cathy. Fun times with you Angela too! And Brian and Kai were such a pleasure to meet. Let's all do it again sometime! :D
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Brittlebush is starting to really show off. Wildflowers are here and there, but then you hit an impressive patch or two with a lot of variety.
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