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Manorhaven by the Sea, NY
mini location map2020-07-18
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Manorhaven by the Sea, NY 
Manorhaven by the Sea, NY
Walk / Tour avatar Jul 18 2020
Walk / Tour2.00 Miles
Walk / Tour2.00 Miles
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Prudence taking precedence, we continue to defer our vacation to Arizona. So while we desire to see and hike among the red rocks of Sedona, the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the grandeur of the San Francisco Peaks, and the splendor of the Superstitions, that will need to wait.

As a consolation, though, we do get out locally, and have explore area locations we might not have otherwise visited or even been aware of. My last visit was to Manorhaven by the Sea, which would fall into that category of beneath our radar.

Manorhaven sits on the shore of Manhasset Bay on the north side of Long Island, in Nassau County. The lovely coastal town and surrounding area feature a large marina, a collections seaside parks, a small beach, and a group of inland ponds. I visited on a warm Saturday morning and was greeted with a morning fog and overcast skies, creating a subdued, quite ambiance. As the morning progressed, the clouds lifted letting through a bright, clear dawn sun. Waterfowl were present in abundance throughout, and the still air allowed a calm surface to the ponds, granting spectacular reflections. All in all, the visit proved relaxing, peaceful and scenic in a delightful way.
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