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Welwyn Preserve, NY
mini location map2020-09-13
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Welwyn Preserve, NY 
Welwyn Preserve, NY
Hiking avatar Sep 13 2020
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I took a run out to Welwyn Preserve, a several hundred acre wildlife and nature sanctuary about 20 miles away in bordering Nassau County, here in Long Island New York. Very relaxing. The preserve features a set of gentle trails winding through a thick, dense forest, and passing various streams, swamps and ponds. At the northern edges, the forest opens up to a coastal salt marsh and a stretch of Long Island Sound shoreline. Many species of wildlife inhabit or migrate through the preserve. The preserve includes the Holocaust Memorial and Educations Center, and as at one time the preserve served as a private estate, I surmise that the residence of the estate holder now provides the buildings for the Center’s offices and activities.

The Preserve sits right next to Webb Engineering Institute, and to the fairly exclusive residential areas of East and Dosoris Island. No nature trails run through those locations; just drive up and take in the shoreline or lakeside (as well as take any photos). But don’t park too long, as none officially offer parking for scene-seeking visitors.
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