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Butte Creek (Thumb Butte area), AZ
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Butte Creek (Thumb Butte area), AZ 
Butte Creek (Thumb Butte area), AZ
Hiking Aug 27 2008
Hiking5.02 Miles 431 AEG
Hiking5.02 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   1.12 mph
431 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Our Butte Creek trip was a hike of three trails (326, 323, and 321)and Forest Road 373A. The first leg of our hike began at 9am on Trail 326 near Miller Creek and we traveled for about 1.1 miles where we intersected Trail 323. Trail 326 to the intersection with Tr 323 has an AEG of 431 feet and you travel in a southwesterly direction. Quite a few fallen trees frame Tr 326 and you have an excellent view of Thumb Butte; plenty of flora to see along the trail.

Trail 323 travels East for about a one-half mile to Butte Creek and trail 321. AEG is -182 feet. The hike affords you a fine view of the south side of Thumb Butte. Mostly trees to see along the route. You get an excellent view of Prescott, Arizona from Tr 323.

Just before reaching Butte Creek, you connect with Tr 321. When we reached Tr 321, we stopped for a snack of fiber and protein bars. In traveling Tr 321 (AEG 136 feet; distance 0.74 miles) you will see plenty of flora. Trail 321 basically takes you along Butte Creek (which was dry during our hike) where you initially hike along the west bank of the creek in a southerly direction and after approximately 0.25 miles travel you cross to the east side of Butte Creek and continue on a southerly course until you reach Forest Road 373A.

When we reached FR 373A we traveled west with the intention to connect with Tr 322 but the road forked (which did not show on our map) and of course we took the wrong fork and missed Tr 322. After traveling for about a mile and making several probes of dead end roads, we reached the intersection of Tr 326 and the spur for FR 373A (we knew this would occur thus made a decision not to back track just to hike Tr 322 - will hike it another day).

On reaching the south end of Tr 326, we stopped for a lunch of soy nuts, banana chips and beef jerky, and washed it all down with water. The time was 1200pm when we reached Tr 326 and we could see the storm clouds coming so we quickly finished our lunch and around 1210pm proceeded to hike Tr 326 back to our where our car was parked. Trail 326, when traveling in a northerly direction, has an AEG of -484 feet. We arrived back at our car around 1:30pm.

This was a very nice hike. The storm arrived about one hour after we completed our hike.
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