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Spence Creek/Railroad Grade Trail , AZ
mini location map2008-09-10
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Spence Creek/Railroad Grade Trail 332, AZ 
Spence Creek/Railroad Grade Trail 332, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 10 2008
Hiking8.10 Miles 538 AEG
Hiking8.10 Miles   4 Hrs   5 Mns   1.98 mph
538 ft AEG
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This hike was moderate in style and the distance shown is round trip mileage (approximately 13 kilometers). Trail 332 is longer than what we hiked; we began our outbound leg at the Thumb Butte Road trail head and ended it at the Iron Springs Road, south trail head. The trail continues in a northerly direction once you cross Iron Springs Road. We were told by a local outfitter that Trail 332 would eventually become a loop trail encircling Prescott, Arizona.

To reach our hiking environs, we left home (via automobile) around 0530 hours and arrived at the trail head around 0740 hours.

After saddling up we started our hike at 0747 hours. When we started our hike, the morning temperature was still quite cool (around 64 degree Fahrenheit/18 degrees Celsius) and the sky was overcast with a threat of thunderstorms, so we wore lightweight, water resistant jackets. About a fourth of the way into our hike, we began to warm up and removed our jackets. During the first 0.5 miles of the trail, we met two returning hikers. Also, during this same segment you will pass the intersection with Trail 318.

The trail travels along the creek and railroad grade. At about 1.7 miles/2.7 kilometers, the trail divides into Trail 332 and Trail 327. Before reaching the trail divide, you will pass an old corral; and near where Trail 332 meets Trail 327 you will find an, old stone fireplace. At the intersection of Trails 332 and 327, we saw two hikers who were headed south - toward Thumb Butte Road.

Once you pass the stone fireplace, you ascend a slight knoll and then descend to the railroad grade; which travels in two, opposite directions. Here we turned northwest to continue on Trail 332. Trail 332 continues for another 1.8 miles as you ascend to Iron Springs Road.
The opposite direction to Trail 332 and along the railroad grade takes you to a nearby pond and some private residences. We traveled for 0.25 miles in this direction to see the pond before turning around to continue on our original path.

As we hiked Trail 332 to Iron Springs Road, we saw two deer and passed a forest service building. We also passed under power lines about 0.25 miles west of where the trail intersects with railroad grade; this was not shown my map. Also, we saw an ATV rider (who appeared to be a forest service worker) and a mountain biker.

The railroad grade segment of Trail 332 turns north at about one mile west of the trail-railroad grade intersection, and it is about one mile to the trail head located on the south side of Iron Springs Road. This segment is ascends in elevation and along the way you will pass an old open pit mine. Also and as along the first mile of Trail 332, there is an abundance of flora.

Once we reached Iron Springs Road, we reversed the route to our starting point. On the inbound leg, we saw a very small, well camouflaged lizard. When it moved, my wife thought it was just a rock that I had kicked, but subsequently discovered that it was lizard. We had our lunch during the inbound portion of our hike.

We completed our hike at 1152 hours.
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