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Oracle Ridge Trail #1
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mini location map2008-08-30
33 by photographer avatarPhilipMueller
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Oracle Ridge Trail #1Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 30 2008
Hiking11.50 Miles 5,061 AEG
Hiking11.50 Miles   9 Hrs      1.28 mph
5,061 ft AEG
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1st trip
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As we began our trek up to Summerhaven, I saluted my Hyundai at the American Flag Ranch. See you in a few days old friend. We hiked over to Oracle Ridge Tr. via the Arizona Tr. and passed Oracle Creek Ranch along the way--not a bad spot to have a pad. Apache Peak was a nice first goal and it was all pretty easygoing. The views were awesome: Gualiuros, Aravaipa, Picacho looked tiny! Then off in the distance, Four Peaks looked as cool as it always does. We could even see Weaver's Needle! How apropos--a Jeep club came upon us on the Jeep Tr. No, we did not hitch a ride. Found various bullet casings on the Jeep Tr. The hike up Rice was probably the most strenuous part of the whole deal. Missed the right gate through the fence after the intersection with the Tr. up Rice. Went to the end of the Jeep Tr.. There is a gate there, but it is not the right one. We headed back to the intersection and started again. There is also a gate near there, but it also is not the right one. Turns out the trail marker had been burned/knocked over and was lying in the grass. We hiked a little past that and found the right gate. I guess those little orange tags were supposed to be a hint. Not enough of a hint for us, so we built a Steinmann for other oblivious persons. Awesome views after that of Canada del Oro, Samaniego Ridge, and Reef of Rock. Had lunch with said view. Awesome . Kind of reminded me of the view into the valley from Silver Peak in the Chiris. Lots of flowers; came upon a huge beehive. Trail overgrown in many places. Heard a rattler in the grass, but never saw the bugger. Used a stick as a "minesweeper" for these overgrown parts of the trail. The hike out of Dan Saddle was fairly strenuous. We were excited to get to the cabin to grab some cold beers and hang out with the fam! My mom and wife drove Max, my son, and 5 dogs up to meet us. We had an excellent, cool weekend on Lemmon. It rained both Sat. & Sun. pretty much all night, so it should be especially awesome, lush hiking on Lemmon/in/around Catalinas right about now! The mountain was oozing water like I had never seen it on the way back down Cat HWY on Mon. Oracle Ridge Tr: GREAT HIKE! Great weekend on Lemmon! Some more amAZing days.....
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