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Oak Creek Vista, AZ
mini location map2021-07-25
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Oak Creek Vista, AZ 
Oak Creek Vista, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 25 2021
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This website features hikes. Not drives to parking lots. But with some liberty, I will include some pictures from, ad this triplog for, a parking lot viewpoint. The viewpoint, Oak Creek Vista, sits along Route 89A, about midway from Sedona to Flagstaff. Getting from the parking lot to the vista overlook does involve a short hike, so I will enter this triplog under hiking.

The vista entrance sits to the right of 89A, east of the road as going north, just after one ascends an interesting set of hairpin turns to rise up from Oak Creek Canyon. The drive to the vista from Sedona features Oak Creek Canyon, a narrow gorge rising as much as 1,000 feet on each side of the highway, the canyon itself featuring many hikes and even without hiking, scenic views. The drive north from the vista, up on the plateau, features stands of tall Pondera pines, gorgeous and for us quite relaxing.

The view itself offered to us a peaceful mix of rock features, canyon walls, a morning mist, the soft light of sunrise, and deep green pines. And vertical. The canyon rises in a steep vertical, highlighting how a fault and a creek over geological time produced this fairly impressive canyon.

As with many places, arriving early beats the crowds; the vista gates open at 7:00 am, and my wife and I were the only one there at the opening, on the mid-summer day we stopped. While later brings crowds, later also allows one to shop an amazing array of America Indian crafts (we had stopped at the visit some years earlier, midday, to catch the crafts.) Maybe an itinerary might be, if one had first been at the Grand Canyon, staying over after hiking, would be leaving early to be at the vista early at its opening, then catching one of the hikes up Oak Creek Canyon, or in reverse, taking an early morning hike up Oak Creek Canyon, then stopping at the vista for crafts.
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