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Guadalupe Peak Trail
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Big Bend, TX
Big Bend, TX
Hiking Oct 12 2005
Hiking8.40 Miles 2,920 AEG
Hiking8.40 Miles   6 Hrs      1.40 mph
2,920 ft AEG
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To keep things simple, I'm matching the trip log to my submitted photographs. Yes, my photographs are actual prints taken with a 35mm camera and then scanned into digital format. They're from 2005 so I'm sure you'll understand.

The first time I climbed this peak was in August of 2003. It was a magical trip, man, and it was thee place that I visited that year which launched me on my 3 year journey to eventually move west. Surprisingly, on that trip I hated Colorado as it was cool and wet (I lived in Florida at the time). The last time I was on the Peak was in July of 2007. It was fun, but after 11 months of living in Flagstaff I was unprepared for the extreme heat (high 90s) and humidity (70+ degree dew points) that were plaguing the park and most of west Texas. Not only was it humid, but it had been raining a lot in 2007 and everything was really green. Every time I was in the area before this visit the weather was dry and comfortable even when 105, but this was something else. This weather was apparently very rare, and the park officials couldn't understand why I left Flagstaff to come there to soak in a sauna. I backpacked the peak, and the humidity was unpleasant, though it did make for a really red sunset. Ironically, I left the park earlier then I had planned to and drove to Colorado to climb my first 14er, Mt Elbert. Divine intervention? I was also in the Park in May of 2004, but I didn't summit the Peak, time constraints and a partner sent me to Tucson after a few days. On that trip I took the Tejas trail to the Bowl and ate lunch on Hunter Peak while getting buzzed by swallows. They're like little avian fighter jets.

This triplog is for the trip I remember most vividly AND have more than 2 photos from: my October 2005 trip.

I came in from the White Mountains where it had snowed on me at Hannigan Meadow and climbed Guad Peak on the Wednesday after Columbus Day. Weather was perfect. Absolutely perfect. This was good as I had delayed the climb by a week to allow for winds to die down, and according to rangers on that trip I made the smart choice. I also avoided some heavy rain by delaying the visit. I think I had the trail to myself the entire day and I must have spent 2 hours on the summit. The air was pretty clear, and I could see the Organ Mts east of Las Cruces, NM. I could definitely see the Lincoln NF, but am not sure if I could see Sierra Blanca or not. Later in the day a thin line of clouds began to appear in the northeast. This was the precursor to a cold front that would bring rain the next day. Fortunetly, I was in a dry hotel room in Pecos when it happened. You can see those clouds in my photographs.
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