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Jackson Mountain, CO
mini location map2021-09-22
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Jackson Mountain, CO 
Jackson Mountain, CO
Hiking2.06 Miles 428 AEG
Hiking2.06 Miles   1 Hour   7 Mns   1.90 mph
428 ft AEG      2 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Pagosa Springs, CO - September 2021 - Hike #4
Since we bailed out early on the Turkey Creek hike as quick as the drive was to the end of Forest Road 646D (a bit rough but relatively easy-going) we thought, well, we're here so let's just do the hike.

Just as I was locking up before hitting the trail, a guy on a mountain bike barreled right on by with barely a moment to say he might see us later, or not.

Again my track was years-old so I hadn't been sure if it would be a bushwhack to the summit, we were pleasantly surprised by a well-used trail... easy enough for mountain biking. A number of switchbacks made the 400 ft/mile elevation gain easier than expected and it wasn't long before we reached a large rock cairn in the vicinity of the benchmark, where the biker just happened to be ending his nature call/snack break.
The biker asked if this was the summit (a fair question due to the large cairn) but I told him it was just the Jackson benchmark as it sported a 130° westerly view. Based on the map of Jackson, its flat summit would likely be surrounded by trees, which is exactly what we found when we reached it.
The trail itself bypassed the actual summit by a few hundred feet so it was just a short off-trail jaunt to reach it. In the summit log jar it was kind of neat to see the first entry was by John Kirk, the 'John' who runs the Lists of John website.
On the way up I had just assumed the benchmark was hidden under the large cairn, but on the way back I decided, no, it would not be covered up, so I'd take a few minutes to locate it. It didn't take but a few minutes to find it within 75 feet of the cairn, but I was unsuccessful in locating any Reference Marks. By this time Tracey was some distance down the trail so I gave up and headed back down.
Additional Notes:
When I later checked the Datasheet for Jackson it appears only one reference mark was placed but it gave no indication how close or in which direction it was form the benchmark.
The Jackson Mountain trail (as yet undesignated by name) actually takes a wide arc, looping back to near the beginning of Forest Road 646D.
(If we'd known about it we probably would have done the full 3+ mile loop... if only)
Still, this was the perfect hike to wrap up our second day of hiking.
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