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Bush to Beeline Mountain Biking, AZ
mini location map2022-04-03
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Bush to Beeline Mountain Biking, AZ 
Bush to Beeline Mountain Biking, AZ
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While we had hiked out this way a few times in the past, this would be the first time I mountain biked in the area between Bush Highway and Beeline Highway.

Being my first trip out here my only goal was a reconnaissance tour in preparation for more rides.

I began the ride from the gate along Bush Highway a quarter-mile south of the interchange with Beeline Highway. To begin with I headed out along the same route we had hiked a few weeks ago until I reached a point where I would need to hike-a-bike up a steep slope if I was to continue. Either that or ride down a VERY steep and loose slope, which I was NOT prepared to do. At my age, all it would take is one hard fall and my biking days may be over.

Not wanting to give up so soon I back-tracked to the last previous intersection and headed east along what appeared to be a reasonable trail. After a few hundred yards I had to decide whether to drop into a wide wash or follow the rocky contour around the hill. Having hiked that wash before I knew it was not rideable so the choice was a given and I continued along the contour. Eventually the trail simply disappeared. At that point it appeared if I got a bit higher I could keep going so rather than turning back I did the first bit of hike-a-bike up to a flat-topped hill. From there I could see a few somewhat reasonable tracks to ride down the hill back to where I had turned back earlier.

Next I headed back north up to and along a ridge until within sight of the Bush/Beeline interchange. I stopped for a quick break before back-tracking a short distance along the ridge before following a decent trail southwest downhill over toward the Beeline and into a wide open area.

While some of this area was hard ground and quite rideable there were MANY soft-sandy washes to cross or sometimes with no option but to ride along for some distance. It didn't take but a few washes before I realized any longer rides out here would take a LOT more effort than the off-trail biking I usually do in the Bulldog OHV Recreation Area.

Since this was a recon trip I wandered a bit east-and-west as I continued in a general south-southwesterly direction. Eventually the effort was enough it was time to head back. When I got back to the point where I had descended from the ridge I realized while it was easy descending it would be more effort than I cared to take on. Taking a quick look at my route it appeared if I followed a drainage just south of my earlier descent route it should provide an easier return to the ridge. And it did exactly that.

Once at the ridge it was a reasonably easy ride back to the gate. As much a workout as it was, I enjoyed it enough I knew I would be back to explore more.
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