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Bush to Beeline Mountain Biking, AZ
mini location map2022-04-16
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Bush to Beeline Mountain Biking, AZ 
Bush to Beeline Mountain Biking, AZ
Mtn Biking14.50 Miles 1,810 AEG
Mtn Biking14.50 Miles   4 Hrs   14 Mns   3.43 mph
1,810 ft AEG5 LBS Pack
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Second trip riding between Bush and Beeline Highways.

As usual I began the ride from the gate along Bush Highway a quarter-mile south of the interchange with Beeline Highway. This time I headed out the same direction as my first ride a few weeks ago. When I reached the spot where there was a VERY steep downhill which I refused to attempt last trip, I decided it was worth a short hike-a-bike down the loose slope. While it would have been easy enough with hiking poles and on foot, trying to keep the bike from taking off down the slope without me while keeping my footing became more of a challenge than expected. But no matter, I'm not going back up.

Once down into the flat area I followed much of the route I used the first trip while seeking a few new routes to avoid most of the washes, or at least limit my time spent in them. This trip I planned travel at least a mile farther than my southernmost point last trip, with the ultimate destination on my next upcoming ride would be to reach the lime kiln as well as where the old sheep bridge used to cross the Salt River.

When I reached the western approach of the drainage leading to the lime kiln I marked the waypoint then and began the return trip. In hopes of avoiding even more of the sandy washes I tried another route along a ridge. While a much of it was on hard or at least more stable ground, when I needed to get off the ridge things got to be a bit iffy. In one spot I ended up getting part way down before having to retrace my steps and try again... and once MORE before I got back down into the flat sandy washes area. Oh joy!

Time to head back. Having learned the best return route up to the first ridge from the previous trip I knew the spots where to keep my speed up to aid in the climb. Instead of a more direct route back to the gate from the ridge I followed it all the way north before dropping down to follow the fence line parallel and adjacent to the west side of Bush Highway back to the gate.

Not much longer in time or distance than the first ride but 50% more AEG due not only to the return along the ridge but my failed attempts to get off the ridge.

But again, I will return... next trip my goal is reaching the Salt River by the old Sheep Bridge.
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