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Grant Goudy Ridge Trail #310
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mini location map2022-05-16
24 by photographer avatarJim_H
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Grant Goudy Ridge Trail #310Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking13.00 Miles 4,050 AEG
Hiking13.00 Miles   6 Hrs   30 Mns   2.11 mph
4,050 ft AEG      20 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Grant Goudy Ridge trail looked like one of the more interesting trails in the Pinalenos and it has recently been cleared, so I wanted to hike from the bottom to the Swift trail, and back. It was an enjoyable hike.

The trail is currently in what is probably the best shape that it has been in years, though grass will probably start to grow back in this summer with rains. If the trail get very little use in the lower elevations, which is also where the grass is, it could begin to disappear again. That said, unless hiking this in the next few weeks before the real heat comes in, I would wait until cooler weather in the fall, or start early. I am not a 5 AM at the trailhead guy.

Much to my surprise, I was able to drive FR 157, which now leaves from the curve on SPUR 266 just before Fort Grant, all the way to the Junction with trail #310. The lower and middle sections of FR 157 are a little eroded but my Outback handled them just fine. A Honda civic would not. There has been recent work in the upper section, and I was able to drive to where it appears Lee did as well, in 2014, so I edited his route to reflect mine and harvested the stats. There were only a few rougher sections, but clearance and AWD/4WD will get you through those. Obviously, this can change with summer rains, and the work appeared to have been done after some really big wash outs over the last few years. The improvements were excellent, and I had no issues at the creek crossing, or anywhere else up higher.

I may have parked exactly where Lee did in 2014. If not, then I parked under a cypress next to Grant Creek expecting to have some road hiking ahead, and not realizing that I was basically at the trailhead. I parked where I did because I was getting tired of driving, and was well past the USFS gate. Finding the trail junction marked by a post, but no sign, as quickly as I did, was a surprise. From there it was enjoyable hiking all the way to Soldier Creek Campground, which now charges $20 a night, and a little beyond to the Swift Trail. Lots of outstanding view for the length of this hike.

Again, the trail condition is excellent at present, probably as good as it gets over here. Not a lot of evidence of people hiking this, but deer and bear tracks were present in the middle elevations. A wet summer could bury the trail in grass before September, but thanks to the work it should still be possible to determine the path.

While I did this as a day hike, I wished I had packed camping gear as I had a great location to camp. I could have cleaned up in Grant Creek which is flowing nicely and has some pools, and there are a good number of birds in the riparian area, which is always nice. However, while driving back to Wilcox and in the agricultural area I was gazing over at the brown rolling hills on the west side of the valley thinking to myself how much this area reminds me of Idaho. Not 2 seconds later I spotted 3 pronghorn grazing on the side of the road. Probably would have missed them if I camped.
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