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Granite and Hidden Lakes Loop Trail
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mini location map2022-06-04
9 by photographer avatartoddak
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Granite and Hidden Lakes Loop TrailSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking10.00 Miles 1,500 AEG
Hiking10.00 Miles   5 Hrs      2.00 mph
1,500 ft AEG
1st trip
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Quality hike, starting on the Minkalo Trail at the end of the narrow cabin access road that wraps around the north end of Silver Lake. Room for at least 15 cars at the trailhead. Went counter-clockwise around the loop, the spot where the trail splits at the start of the loop is not marked or obvious. As you approach the south end of Silver Lake the trail ends and you enter the private property of the sprawling Plasse's campground and resort, you'll need to work your way over to the Allen Camp trailhead to continue. Nice terrain and views as you pass Hidden and Granite and several smaller lakes. A bit of snow in shady spots and plenty of flowing water.
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